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‘Devs’ star Nick Offerman says there’s more to his “creepy” character than meets the eye



Steve Iervolino/ABC News(NEW YORK) — With the new FX on Hulu show Devs, we’re seeing a whole new side to Nick Offerman. In the dramatic role, he plays a billionaire CEO with a mysterious past who heads up a tech company with questionable ethics.

The character, Forest, is creepy for sure — in the first two episodes, which debuted last week, he eats salad with his hands and casually orders the murder of an employee. But there are also layers to him that get revealed as the series goes on.

"It's kind of a great lesson, you know, when many people are creepy, or at least I am often perceived to be pretty creepy," the former Parks & Recreation star tells ABC Audio. "And I would just beg the public to think, well, maybe his day is not going great. Maybe he's not creepy. He just has some bad blisters on his heels or he's losing a toenail as we speak."

And as for the salad-eating, Offerman deadpans, "Silverware is probably overrated, I think. I think as we continue to evolve as a species, we'll get back to eating with our hands. It's just convenient."

Devs, from writer/director Alex Garland, presents complex theories on reality and the universe. Offerman says they often discussed the theories on set, but you probably won’t catch him thinking too hard about them.

"Thankfully, I'm a simple animal and I don't– I'll never be troubled by brilliant theories," he says with a laugh.

A new episode of Devs premieres Thursday on FX on Hulu.

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