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Check out Anthony Mackie in new trailer for ‘Altered Carbon’ season 2



ABC/Heidi Gutman(LOS ANGELES) — Marvel movie star Anthony Mackie trades his Falcon wings for other enhanced abilities in the new trailer for the second season of Netflix's sci-fi series, Altered Carbon.

The conceit of the show, that in the far future a person's consciousness can be uploaded to a new body — or sleeve, as the call it — means that Mackie will take over for season one's Joel Kinnaman.

Like Mackie does, Kinnaman played Takeshi Kovacs [KOH-vahsh], a soldier-turned private eye of sorts. Kinnaman's Kovacs was itself a new version of the original, a terrorist played by actor Will Yun Lee.

Confused yet? Get this: the snippet of the second season, based on Richard K. Morgan's book of the same name, shows the season is set 30 years after the first, with Mackie facing off against himself — that is, against Lee, as the original Kovacs.

The second season also has Mackie's character returning to his home planet and finding his lost love, played by Renée Elise Goldsberry, as well as solving a series of murders. Season 2 also stars Luke Cage veteran Simone Missick and Chris Connor, who plays Poe, Takeshi's A.I. partner.
Altered Carbon season 2 drops on Netflix this Feb. 27.

After this, Mackie will be seen in the Disney+ series Falcon and The Winter Soldier, which will debut in August.

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