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Captain America: Civil Suit? Uncle Sam Could Owe Cap Millions in Back Pay


Zade Rosenthal; Marvel Studios/Disney(NEW YORK) — While Captain America: Civil War has racked up hundreds of millions since it debuted all over the world, what about Steve Rogers, the Army soldier in the comics who became Captain America? 

According to Marvel lore, Rogers was promoted to captain and fought in World War II, until he was frozen in ice during a combat mission fighting the evil Hydra and revived nearly 70 years later. Which means, a Reddit user theorized, Uncle Sam owes him some serious back pay.

More than three million bucks in back pay, in fact, according to user anon33249038.  That’s taking Rogers’ pay as captain in 1945, plus any pay bumps he was entitled to along the way, and adjusting for inflation.  The total: $3,154,619.52.

The U.S. Army actually responded to the post.  Spokesman Wayne Hall told Business Insider, “If Capt. Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) were not a fictional character and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance and recovery actually real, he may actually be entitled to receive back pay.” Although he did say “a wide variety of variables” affected the actual amount due, which could in fact be more than the Reddit user calculated.

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