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Camila Cabello denies romance with Drake — or anyone else: “I barely have time to shave my legs”



When Camila Cabello was making her new album C, XOXO, she and one of her collaborators, Drake, were photographed together, so some people thought they were dating. But according to Camila, she’s not dating him, or anyone else for that matter, because she’s just too busy.

Speaking to The Times of London, Camila says she’s “completely single at the moment,” adding, “I barely have time to f****** shave my legs. I’ve been working so hard I have not had time, but the pendulum is going to have to swing the other way at some point.”

And Camila is ready for it. “Your early twenties are just a f****** s*** show and a nightmare and a hellhole — at least for me,” she explains. “C,XOXO is finally letting go of that. Now that I’m not feeling so heavy and mentally burdened, I can actually have some f****** fun and have long nails and dance and flirt.”

She is, however, still coy about her past relationship. When the paper asks Camila if one of her new songs “B.O.A.T.” — which stands for “Best of All Time” — is about her ex Shawn Mendes, she says, “Ha ha ha! I don’t like to say who my songs are about because I want people to project their own things.”

On June 29, Camila will make her Glastonbury debut. Asked by The Times what she’s been told about the iconic event, she says, “Oh, you know, low-pressure things like, ‘This is the biggest moment of your career.’ Please don’t f****** say that s*** to me.”

Because, as Camila points out, she’s already done plenty of daunting things.

“I’m not saying this in a bragging way. But there have been a lot of moments where I could find reasons to be nervous,” she says.

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