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Billie Eilish finds it “frustrating” people want to dissect all her lyrics


Courtesy of Apple Music

Billie Eilish‘s new album, HIT ME HARD AND SOFT, is out now, and as usual, people are parsing the lyrics in an attempt to find out what, or who, all the songs are about. But Billie has a message for those people: stop.

“I really wanted the songs to not be like, ‘Oh, I know what that’s about,'” she tells Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe. “I think that we live in such a world where everyone knows everything … everyone is aware of the beef that happened and aware of the people that don’t like each other and aware of this and that.”

“People put songs out, especially in the pop world — and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it necessarily — but it’s just, we live in a world of somebody puts a song out and everyone’s like, ‘So this is who this is about and this is the entire story of what happened,'” she continues.

“And it’s like, it doesn’t even give the listener a chance to interpret it how they want to interpret it and how they naturally hear it,” she complains. “And that I find really frustrating. I don’t want to hear a song that I’m like, ‘Ooh, my God … this is about that person that I know.'”

Her brother FINNEAS chimes in: “It can be gross. I think you shouldn’t listen to ‘Lunch’ and think about who Billie wants to eat for lunch. You should think about who you want to eat for lunch. That’s the whole deal.”

“Also, that’s a metaphor, you all,” Billie hastens to add about the song.

That being said, Billie says of the album, “I think this is the most me thing that I’ve ever made. And I think that it’s so purely me and not any sort of character, really.”


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