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“Bachelor in Paradise”: Evan Sets His Sights on Amanda


ABC/Rick Rowell(NEW YORK) — Never mind the Bachelor in Paradise love triangle between Josh Murray, Nick Viall and Amanda Stanton. Josh now has to contend with Evan Bass competing for Amanda’s attention.

At the start of Tuesday night’s episode, Evan was riding high after he and Carly Waddell had broken the Guinness World Record for the longest kiss after eating a habanero pepper. However, Carly lost interest in him, so she decided to break things off.

“I want to be your friend. I’m not romantically interested in dating you,” she told Evan. Ouch.

Evan was heartbroken and worried that his time in paradise was running out. He lied on a bed and contemplated his next move.

That move turned out to be an attempt to ask out Amanda, who was in the middle of a make-out session with Josh.

“True love is something that’s worth taking risks for,” Evan commented at the end of the episode.

Josh, who had just stolen Amanda from Nick, was not pleased by this development, as evidenced in the preview for next week’s shows.

Meanwhile, Sarah Herron’s romance with Daniel Maguire advanced, though she was sidetracked for a time by a newcomer to paradise: Christian Bishop, from this summer’s Bachelorette season. Though she went repelling with Christian and kissed him by a waterfall, she was still sweet on Daniel.

Daniel arranged a private date with her later on, and she was touched. She admitted that her outing with Christian would have been more fun had it been with Daniel.

Daniel wanted to kiss Sarah, but he pointed out the bugs in the air and mentioned something about a cold, then strangely said he didn’t want to give her the Zika virus.

Brandon Andreen, from Desiree Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette, showed up, too, but host Chris Harrison didn’t remember him at first. Nevertheless, he was given a date card, and though he seemed to have a productive chat with Carly — whose brother competed alongside Brandon on The Bachelorette — he asked out one of the twins, Haley Ferguson, instead.

Haley and her sister, Emily, weren’t convinced that Brandon could tell them apart, so they pulled the old “switcheroo” during the date, with Emily replacing Haley. Brandon didn’t seem to notice the change.

Bachelor in Paradise continues next Monday night on ABC.

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