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“Bachelor in Paradise”: Ashley I. Can’t Hold Back Her Tears


ABC/Rick Rowell(NEW YORK) — The tears were flowing on Tuesday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, thanks to the latest addition to the cast, Ashley Iaconetti.

Ashley arrived in Mexico hoping to rekindle her season-one romance with Jared Haibon.

The emotional former Bachelor contestant told host Chris Harrison her goal was to cry only three times this season, but she just couldn’t contain her emotions when she found out that Jared had become involved with Caila Quinn.

To hear Ashley tell it, Caila previously had promised her she wouldn’t chase after Jared because he supposedly wasn’t her type. Ashley, feeling she was stabbed in the back, said, “This is the worst scenario.”

Ashley had a conversation with Caila, who explained she hadn’t been interested in Jared until she actually had the opportunity to talk with him. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry,” Caila said.

“I hate her for lying,” Ashley told the cameras.

Ashley had a date card in her possession, and since Jared was unavailable, she asked out Daniel Maguire, who’s been romancing Sarah Herron.

Daniel said yes, and he showed off his oddball sense of humor during their date. After he asked Ashley about being a virgin, he wondered, “Are you interested in having sex in the near future?”

He claimed to the cameras he was turned on by the fact that Ashley is a virgin, and seemed interested in getting “frisky” with her.

In another strange moment, Daniel revealed to Ashley — perhaps sarcastically — that he swings both ways, but only on Fridays.

Though the two bonded, the date didn’t help Ashley moved on from Jared. Nick Viall tried to give her some tough love by insisting her feelings for Jared were merely an “infatuation” or an “obsession,” but she wouldn’t hear of it. She broke down in tears to Jared and expressed how much she likes him.

“How am I supposed to find another ‘you’?” she sobbed.

Jared was so frustrated by the drama that he said he wanted to leave paradise.

For the record, Ashley easily cried more than three times during the one-hour episode.

Elsewhere in paradise, Jen Saviano from Ben Higgins’ Bachelor season joined the group. While Daniel tried to get a date with her, she chose Nick instead.

We also got an update on Evan Bass, who on Monday night’s episode was found unresponsive by a producer and received medical attention — and then managed to make out with the woman who dumped him, Carly Waddell, on his bed. As it turns out, Evan’s been taking medication for his ankles.

A doctor advised Evan to go the hospital, and he saw this as an opportunity to go on another “date” with Carly. She agreed to accompany him in the ambulance and to the hospital. Smooth move, Evan.

Bachelor in Paradise continues next Monday night on ABC.

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