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Awkwafina and Cena team up to cash in in trailer to ‘Jackpot’


Prime Video

Awkwafina and John Cena appeared on YouTube on Tuesday to introduce the trailer to their new action-comedy Jackpot, which debuts on Prime Video Aug. 15.

Awkwafina plays Katie, a struggling actress who accidentally wins a rather unique lottery: a digitized ticket unexpectedly announces her as the prize-holder. But the catch is, everybody else knows, too, and if they kill her, the prize is theirs. 

Enter Cena’s “amateur lottery protection agent” Noel Cassidy — a bodyguard of sorts who will ferry Katie to cash in safely, for a cut of the billion-dollar prize. 

“I do trust you, I think it’s because you look like a bulldog that, like, a witch cast a spell on and turned into a human,” she quips after the pair navigate a city full of losing lottery winners.

However, Noel’s rival Louis Lewis — played by Awkwafina’s Shang-Chi co-star and Cena’s Ken counterpart from Barbie Simu Liu — runs the largest lottery protection firm and wants to cut Noel out of his cut.

Bridesmaids and Spy director Paul Feig called the shots on the film, which also stars Machine Gun Kelly.

Oh, and if that’s not enough, the trailer ends with Awkwafina and Cena introducing an actual winnable jackpot, including a bar of gold and chicken wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. Just go to TheJackpotJackpot.com for your chance. 

At least if you win, nobody will try to kill you. 


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