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Amy Schumer Throws Sexist Heckler Out of Show


Justin Stephens/Comedy Central(NEW YORK) — It’s seldom a good idea to try and out-funny a professional comedian.  Especially at their own show.

After an attendee at one of her comedy shows yelled, “Show us your [expletive]!” Amy Schumer stopped her routine in Stockholm, Sweden, to call out the man who heckled her.

The star of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer asked him what he did, and the heckler answered, “Sales.”

“Sales?” Shumer replied. “How’s that working out? Is that going well?”

She then proceeded to warn the man not to yell again or she would have him thrown out. He did, and she tossed him out. “I was about to leave anyway,” he said as he was escorted out the door to a roaring applause.

Schumer, 35, even tweeted about the incident, sharing video, which — fair warning — is not safe for work.

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