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Amy Schumer Says No, “Inside Amy Schumer” Isn’t Over

Justin Stephens/Comedy Central(LOS ANGELES) — Amy Schumer took to Twitter to assure fans that her acclaimed Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer, isn’t over — a day after she sent a tweet that seemed to say just that.

Comedy Central had already greenlighted a fifth season, so when Schumer posted in part, “we aren’t making the show anymore” — then retweeted a fan’s response that she’d miss it — Schumer’s followers were rightly confused. 

The comment came in response to show writer Kurt Metzger, who made now-deleted controversial social media statements regarding the Upright Citizen Brigade comedy troupe’s banning of comedian Aaron Glaser, who had been accused on Facebook of sexual assault.

Metzger flamed the ban, and seemed to criticize alleged sex assault victims who don’t go to the police. This sparked Schumer to respond by distancing herself from him and his comments.

“I did not fire Kurt…He isn’t a writer for my show because we aren’t making the show anymore. There are no writers for it,” she noted Wednesday. 

Thursday morning, Schumer set the record straight, explaining in a series of posts, “#InsideAmySchumer is not cancelled. @ComedyCentral has provided us with a wonderful home and we couldn’t be happier there. I am just touring…Doing Standup and focusing on writing more for the next year at least. We are slated for a season 5 but not in the foreseeable future…I’m grateful @ComedyCentral is giving me this time to work on other projects, she added before plugging one of those: “Now please grab my book #TheGirlWithTheLowerBackTattoo for now.”

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