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Amy Schumer Addresses “Really Upsetting” Writer/Rape Comment Controversy on “Charlie Rose”


Justin Stephens/Comedy Central(NEW YORK) — Most of us would stand up for a friend, but when that friend has done something even you feel is indefensible, it’s a tough dance to do.  Ask Amy Schumer.

Thursday night on Charlie Rose, the comic and actress did more than a little tap-dancing while discussing Kurt Metzger, a writer on her hit Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer.  Metzger recently made now-deleted controversial social media statements regarding the Upright Citizen Brigade comedy troupe’s banning of comedian Aaron Glaser, who’d been accused of sexual assault.  Metzger criticized the ban, and seemed as well to criticize alleged sex assault victims who don’t go to the police.

“We butt heads, we get in fights because he infuriates us,” Schumer said of working with Metzger on her show, while noting his contributions are valued because they’re from “the most male, the most out-there perspective possible.”

After saying she loved him and he was a friend, Schumer said of Metzger, “He gets something from going after people, making them mad, that is not representative of me at all.”  She added she’s tried to get him to stop, and to realize anything he says “comes back to me.”

Schumer also again insisted Metzger wasn’t currently a writer for her, because the show isn’t currently in production: “Nobody’s on my staff, there are no writers.”

Ultimately, said Schumer, “Whatever tangent he’s gone off on, I have not agreed with, and it’s been really upsetting to me seeing someone I care about hurt themselves like this.”

Schumer said what saddens her most is the issue has directed attention away from the real issue: “I would love to refocus the energy and attention on the real problem, which is…about rape.”

Schumer herself tweeted the clip on Charlie Rose in which she addresses the Metzger issue.

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