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“America’s Got Talent” Live Rounds Continue with 16-Year-Old Singer Who Survived Cancer


Calysta Bevier performs on “America’s Got Talent”; Vivian Zink/NBC(LOS ANGELES) — America’s Got Talent continued its Live Rounds at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater Tuesday night with the next 12 quarterfinalists relying on fan votes to see which of them would advance to the semifinals. Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B were treated to performances from singers, magicians, comedians and dancers, all introduced by host Nick Cannon.

Earlier, NBC announced that Cowell, Mel B, Klum and Mandel — along with Cannon – will all be back for season 12.

Tuesday’s lineup included a 16-year-old singer and cancer survivor.

Here’s a rundown of some of Tuesday’s highlights:

Juggler Viktor Kee emerged from an egg and danced around as he attempted to keep several balls in the air, although, at one point, he appeared to have dropped one of them. He also balanced the balls on various parts of his body. The judges didn’t seem to notice the fumble, including Heidi, who declared she was “mesmerized.” Simon said he hated jugglers, but Viktor made him change his mind, adding he “pulled all the stops out.”

Singer Kadie Lynn, 12, performed “My Church,” by Maren Morris. Simon declared they found themselves “a little superstar.” Howie praised the tween’s control and poise. Mel B enjoyed Kadie’s voice, but wished she’d “stripped down” the song a bit.

Cancer survivor Calysta Bevier, 16, brought the judges to their feet with her version of Sara Bareilles’ “Brave.” Simon thought the singer was more than just a great performer, but an inspiration as well. Howie called it the “first flawless performance” of the night. Mel B noted she “owned it from beginning to end.”

Contortionist Sofi Dossi, 15, balanced on polls topped with blocks and shot a flaming arrow with her feet over her head while blindfolded. Simon called her “an incredible performer.”

The Clairvoyants’ Thommy Ten had Simon and Heidi each pick a jelly bean from a bowl and his partner Amélie van Tass correctly guess the flavors as he ate them. Next, he had Mel B scoop a random number of jelly beans into another cup and Amélie guessed exactly how many. For their finale, the duo revealed that the contents of a chalkboard, hanging covered up above the stage throughout the routine, correctly predicted the events that had just taken place. Cowell called the duo “aliens from another planet.” “Amazing, scary, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping,” is how Mandel characterized the couple.

Long Island, New York, native Sal Valentinetti crooned One Direction’s “Story of My Life,” Frank Sinatra-style. The judges all rose to their feet, but Howie urged Sal to “stick to the standards.” Simon pressed his buzzer in disgust, following Mandel’s remark.

Married acrobatic duo ThroWings increased the level of difficulty to their already-dangerous act by adding strobe lights, making it hard for wife Annie to see as husband Andre threw her into the air high above the stage. Simon was hoping for something a little more different than their last two routines.

America’s Got Talent returns Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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