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“America’s Got Talent”: Kids Dominate as the Live Rounds Begin


Deadly Games on “America’s Got Talent”; Trae Patton/NBC(LOS ANGELES) — America’s Got Talent kicked off its live rounds at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater Tuesday night with the first 12 quarterfinalists relying on fan votes to see which of them would advance to the semifinals. Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B were treated to performances from singers, magicians, comedians and dancers, all introduced by host Nick Cannon.

Tuesday’s lineup included a 13-year-old stand-up comic and a 13-year-old opera singer.

Here’s a rundown of some of Tuesday’s highlights:

Fourteen-year-old singer Jayna Brown kicked things off with a soulful version of Ed Sheeran’s “Make It Rain” that drew a standing ovation, and led Simon to declare Jayna “killed” the song. Heidi said the teen was “the voice of a winner.”

Next, it was multimedia magic from Hara, who combined stunning visual effects with illusions that included making a woman appear, followed by a flock of doves, and also featured the magician flying on a dragon. Simon, noting this is the point in the competition that “makes or breaks you,” said Tuesday’s performance made him. Mel B noted Hara took us into his “magical, mystical wonderland.”

Musicality, a choir from Chicago’s South Side, performed Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time.” Mel B said the group “lights up the room.” Simon’s only critique was that the group could use better material. Howie declared they “inspire.”

Stand-up comedienne Lori Mae Hernandez, 13, surprised the judges with biting political humor aimed mainly at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, as well as jokes about braces. The routine was a hit with the judges, including Simon, who called Lori “edgy, cool and current.”

Knife-throwing couple Alfredo and Anna Silva – also known as Deadly Games – held the audience breathless as Alfredo threw his blades at Anna while blindfolded. Next, he threw flaming knives at Anna, who is on the “Spinning Wheel of Death.”

Jon Derenbos performed close-up magic. He made each of the judges draw a picture on a piece of paper and correctly matched each of the pictures to the judge who drew it. Next, he pulled his own drawings from a sealed bottle, which matched the pictures drawn by the judges.

Comic mime Tape Face called Heidi to the stage and reenacted the pottery scene from the film Ghost, using a lump of clay. Next, Cannon assisted him with a musical routine involving a pair of sunglasses that would play different tunes when worn by each of them. Howie noted the comic makes “something out of nothing.” Simon declared Tape Face is so silly, he’ll end up in movies or on his own TV show.

Laura Bretan, a 13-year-old opera singer, amazed the audience and judges with her mature voice. She drew a standing ovation from the judges, including Heidi, who noted Bretan’s voice got better as the piece got harder.

America’s Got Talent returns Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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