beat the dial tone 670

Thursday 06/08/17 A study found that 1 in 4 men never ever do this…
Wear deodorant

Wednesday 06/07/17 A compliment from a boss is the number #1 thing that increases worker productivity. What is number #2?”
Free Food

Tuesday 05/09/17 22% of single women say this is the best place to meet someone.
The mall

Monday 05/08/17 The average person who buys these will spend about $1100 on them, and after a few months never touch them again.
College Text Books

Friday 05/05/17 A woman named this makes the best wife.

Thursday 05/04/17
40% of people have ditched a potential partner because of this. What is it?”
Dirty Dishes in the Sink

Tuesday 05/02/17 11% of new parents have fallen asleep here. Where is it?
In the Shower

Monday 05/01/17 A new  list of the states with the best and worst drivers. Is out  North Dakota, South Dakota are in the top 5 what is #2? 

Friday 04/28/17 60% of drivers have one of these in their car, but never use it. What is it?
cassette player

Wednesday 04/26/17 9% of men are impressed by a woman who can do this. What is it?
Bake a cake from Scratch

Tuesday 04/25/17 The average guy will do this almost 1200 times this year, while the average woman will do it fewer than 800 times…

Monday 04/24/17 What percent of people think dinner and drinks is cheating?

Friday 04/21/17 50% of people think this could hold them back from advancing in their career? What is it?

Thursday 04/20/19 5% of men do this to impress a date? What is it?”
grow stubble

Wednesday 04/17/17 7% of brides do this before getting married. What is it?”
get a nose job

Tuesday 4/18/17 This is the most dangerous food to eat while driving. What is it?
Potato Chips

Monday 4/17/17 25% of people have kept this a secret from their partner? What is it?”
A traffic ticket

Fri 4/14/17 Almost 40% of people say this will instantly make someone more attractive.
Sun glasses

Thursday 4/13/17 One in eight college freshmen have never done this?
Ironed their clothes

Wednesday 4/12/17 13% of people would rather do this than their taxes. What is it?”
Spend a Night in Jail

Tuesday 04/11/17 20% of men are attracted to a woman because of this. What is it?”
Resembles their mother

Monday 04/10/17 The average kid will do this three times a year? What is it?
Stay Home Sick From School

Friday 04/07/17 If they could be President of the United States, 21% of kids said they’d eat ice cream every day. Another 10% said they would (blank) every day.
Sleep until noon

Thursday 04/06/17 25% of women say this is sexy and turns them on. What is it?
Scottish accent

Weds 04/04/16 6% of parents have done this during a large Easter egg hunt. What is it?”
turned (sprained) an ankle

Tuesday 04/04/16 What is the Most Wanted Candy for Easter.
1 Reese’s mini peanut butter chocolate eggs (53%)
2 chocolate bunnies (48%)
3 jellybeans (48%)
4 Hershey’s eggs (45%)
5 Peeps (34%)

Monday 04/03/17 The average mom is going to say it 120 times this year. What is it?
Clean your room

Friday 03/31/17 —

Thursday 03/30/17 3% of people have been caught doing this at a traffic light.
Brushing your teeth

Weds 03/29/17 BTDTQ: What’s the most important attribute in a man? One in 50 women said (blank).
Lots of Money

Tuesday 03/28/17 In a survey of newlyweds, almost 20% said their first fight was about?  Laundry

Monday 03/27/17 A survey asked women to name the professions that would make a man unattractive to date. This was #1…

Friday 03/24/17 18% of women always do this when taking a selfie. What is it?”
Turn to the left side. Which they think is there best side.

Thursday 03/23/17 23% of single women say this makes a man more attractive on a date. What is it?”
If he orders a Craft Beer

Wednesday 03/22/17 72% of online daters are turned off by this. What is it?
spelling mistakes

Tuesday 03/21/17 On average we forget this five times a month.
To use deodorant.

Monday 03/20/17 One in seven people have quit a job for this reason…
A failed office romance

Friday 03/17/17 3% of people have purchased this while drunk. What is it?
A Vacation

Thursday 03/16/17 Almost 6 in 10 people cannot remember this…
Their first kiss

Wednesday 03/15/17 200 were asked, what one word describes your relationship?

Tuesday 03/14/17 Close to 5% of women would give THIS up for life if it meant they would never gain another pound. What is it?
Their Best Friend

Monday 03/13/17 16% of people have not changed this daily routine in at least two years…
What they eat for lunch

Friday 03/10/17 20 years ago, people did THIS an average of 3 times a day…now it’s one or less…?
Phone Calls

Thursday 03/09/17 10% of men purchase this female-targeted product on a regular basis. What is it?”

Wednesday 03/08/17 9% of married people say this is the worst thing you could do to your partner…
Watching one of “your” TV shows without the other person

Tuesday 03/07/17 10% of people surveyed said they prefer sleeping alone in order to avoid their partner doing this
Searching for their phone

Monday 03/06/17 39% of women have done this while their partner wasn’t looking. What is it
turned up the heat when their partner wasn’t looking

Friday 03/03/17 7% of women do this before stepping on a scale. What is it?
Dry their Hair

Thursday 03/02/17 8% of women have demanded their new boyfriend buy this. What is it?”
New Comforter

Wednesday 03/01/17 14% of people are addicted to eating this. What is it?”

Tuesday 02/28/17 16% of men have this on their desk. What is it?
picture of their pet

Monday 02/27/17 51% of people say doing this during a date is unacceptable. What is it?
taking a smoke break

Friday 02/24/17 Almost 30% of singles say it’s a deal-breaker if the other person doesn’t share their taste in (blank).
TV shows

Thursday 02/23/17 55% of women would kiss a man on the first date if…
He smells good

Wednesday 02/22/17 Around 20% of men have fibbed to their wife about this.
How they spent their tax refund

Tuesday 02/21/17 27% of women find this to be chilvalrous on a first date?. What is it?”
when a man stands up when a woman leaves the table

Monday 02/20/17 Almost 80% of people will tell you they’re very good at this, while studies show it’s actually about half that number…

Friday 02/17/17 67% of men have done this for their lady?
Washed their car.

Thursday 02/16/17 68% of women would consider dumping a man if he wore these. What is it?”
Too tight Tightie Whities

Wednesday 02/15/16 More than 30% of men might be embarrassed to admit that they own these.
Superhero Underwear

Tuesday 02/14/17 1 in 5 women feel guilt about this?
not making the bed

Monday 02/13/17 5% of women want their partner to do this for Valentine’s Day. What is it?”
Do Some Chores

Friday 02/10/17 The average man will spend a year of his life doing this…
Staring at women

Thursday 02/09/17 15% of men did this when proposing. What is it?”
broke out in a cold sweat

Wednesday 02/08/17 27% of women snack less before doing this. What is it?”
swimsuit shopping

Tuesday 02/07/17 A new survey found the top 4 things that stress us out most at work. What was #4?
Annoying co-workers.

Monday 02/6/17 This is the average age a woman cheats.

Friday 02/03/17 The average age person stops doing THIS at 31.
Having birthday parties!

Thursday Feb 2 22% of people do this while watching their favorite team play. What is it?”
Chew Their Fingernails

Wednesday Feb 1 This week, 4% of Americans will do this with their car. It’s definitely embarrassing, and it could be costly.
Leave something on top of their car

Tuesday 01/31/17 20% of people have done this at a Super Bowl party while tipsy. What is it?”
snoop through the medicine cabinet

Monday 01/30/17 4% of men have checked a sports score here. Where is it?
A funeral

Friday 01/27/17 After one year of marriage, couples were asked to name their biggest complaint. This was the number one answer.
Not enough “me time”

Thursday 01/26/17 5% of people eat this after a bad day. What is it?
Mac and Cheese

Wednesday 01/25/17 80% of Americans think they are good at THIS…but they’re not…?

Tuesday 01/24/17 10% of people would miss this if they had a ticket to attend a Super Bowl that their favorite team was playing in. What is it?
Family members funeral

Monday 01/23/17 An hour of this burns the same amount of calories as an hour on an exercise bike. What is it?

Friday 01/20/17 10% of people have experienced this on a date. What is it?
Car Accident

Thursday 01/19/17 Employers say this is their second biggest employee fashion pet peeve. What is it?
wearing un-ironed clothes

Wednesday 01/18/17 More than 35% of men can’t tell you this about their wife…
Her shoe size

Tuesday 01/17/17  What percent of flight attendants have become involved with a passenger?

Monday 01/16/17 15% of people feel guilty after doing this. What is it?
Eating Fast Food

Friday 01/13/17 24% of people know a breakup is near when their partner starts doing this. What is it?”
dressing better

Thursday 01/12/17 7% of women have had a dream where they had an affair with this person. Who is it?
Brother in law

Wednesday 01/11/17 Men wear this for 13 days before washing it. What is it?”

Tuesday 1/10/17 10% of men say they’d be more excited to date a woman who had (blank).
A cat (or cats)

Monday 01/09/17 26% of college students have done this. What is it?”
Snooped through their roommate’s phone.

Friday 01/06/17 A survey found this to be the “most offensive smell.”
A wet dog

Thursday 1/05/17 30% of HR managers feel that this is a bigger red flag than tattoos or piercings when hiring someone. What is it?”
Bad Breath

01/04/17 33% of women have no desire to do THIS during the winter months…?
Paint their toenails 

Tuesday 1/03/16 16% of men don’t think their partner does this well. What is it?
Parking a Car

Friday 12/31/16 U.S. workers were asked to name the perk(s) that would make them more willing to come to or stay with a company- Almost 45% said ..
Half days on Fridays

Thursday 12/29/16 15% of kids have been grounded at this time of year because of this…
Throwing a snowball

Weds 12/28/16 If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your teenage self? Less than 5% of people said…
Listen to your parents

Tues 12/27/16 6% of people say this is the most important thing when it comes to a gift?
How much it costs

Wednesday 12/21/16 1 out of 6 people say the all-time greatest Christmas present would be a…

Tuesday 12/20/16 According to this survey, the happiest couples do this.
Post less about their relationship on social media.

Monday 12/19/16 More than 45% of men like women that have this….
A Curvy Body Type

Friday 12/16/16 1 in 12 people are rebels when it comes to breakfast because they…
Pour the milk into the bowl before the cereal

Thursday 12/15/16 32% of men never do this at home. What is it?
Make their own bed

Wednesday 12/14/16 What is the greatest sound in the world? Almost 20% of women said…
Wine bottle opening/being poured

Tuesday 12/13/16 According to a survey, it takes about 12 minutes 30 seconds for you to find…
Something to watch on Netflix

Monday 12/12/16 What is the most fertile day of the year?
Dec 11th

Friday 12/09/16 What career is sexiest?

Thursday 12/08/16 Almost 10% of people say this is the worst holiday present a person can receive. What is it?

Wednesday 12/7/16 50% of women say they refuse to get rid of THIS, even though they don’t use it…?
Wedding Dress!

Tuesday 12/6/16 More than 35% of women say they hate it when a guy does THIS while he’s trying to be romantic…?
Blows in her ear

Monday 12/5/16 Believe it or not, More than 30% of men hope Santa puts THIS in their stocking this year. What is it?
Hair Product

Friday 12/2/16 In the Unites States, enough of these are made in a year for every man, woman, and child to have 40 each…?

Thursday 12/01/16 Almost 5% of people have done this at an office Christmas party. What is it?
Photocopied at least one part of their anatomy

Wednesday 11/30/16 32% of men have used this product even though its mainly targeted towards women. What is it?”

Tuesday 11/29/16 About 33% of women say this is part of how they rate a man.
His Ringtone

Monday 11/28/16 42% of Thanksgiving dinners this year had this…
Kid’s table

Friday 11/25/16 32% of women regret doing this. What is it?”
cutting their hair short

Wednesday 11/23/16 10% of women have received this for Xmas. What is it?”
Ice scraper

Tuesday 11/22/16 The average person does this 4 times a week during the holidays. What is it?”
Recites a famous holiday movie line

Monday 11/21/16 Teenagers think their mom is better at this, but when teens do it, they take after their father…?

Friday 11/18/16 30% of women stop doing this during the Winter months. What is it?”
Painting thier toe nails

Thursday 11/17/16  10% of women say they are no good at this and can’t make it.
Make lasagna

Wednesday 11/16/16 Almost 7 in 10 women say they have no confidence in their husband doing this?
Repairing the Car

Tuesday 11/15/16 ‘8% of men say the smell of this makes them happy. What is it?”
fish and chips

Monday 11/14/16 11% of people say they are really looking forward to doing this over the weekend…

Friday 11/11/16 For the average child between 2-5 years old, this only lasts 37 seconds…
Sitting on Santa’s lap

Thursday 11/10/16 64% of people played this game as a child. What is it?

Tuesday 11/08/16 12% of women have done this after a breakup. What was it?
Change their hair color

Monday 11/07/16 24% of holiday shoppers say this is their top pet peeve. What is it?”
Shoppers that take up 2 parking spaces

Friday 11/04/16 8% of dog owners have done this with their dog. What is it?
Taken a shower with their dog

Thursday 11/03/16 This is the number one thing that means so much to women.
Asking about her day.

Wednesday 11/02/16 How many pieces of fun size Halloween candy can a human eat before they die?

Tuesday 11/01/16 This will happen to 4% of people because of Halloween. What is it?
4% of people will lose a filling after eating some Halloween Candy

Monday 10/31/16 Almost 20% of teens will do this after they finish eating their Halloween candy. What is it?
Visit a dermatologist

Friday 10/28/16 15% of people have cried at work because of this. What is it?”
a performance review

Thurs. 10/27/16 72% of people have this tucked away in storage. What is it?
high school yearbook

Weds. 10/26/16 28% of us have actually had a nightmare about what?
The upcoming election

Tuesday 10/25/16 2% of people have done this while driving. What is it?
Driving naked

Monday 10/24/16 Around 10% of people have done this while walking through a Halloween haunted house. What is it?”
Peed their pants

Friday 10/21/16 More than 20% of women regularly snoop and check their partner’s __________ . What is it?”
Bank Account

Thursday 10/20/16 Around 60% of people in their 40’s owned these when they were younger. What is it?”
Roller skates

Tuesday 10/18/16 21% of people have done this while on a date. What is it?”
Forgotten their date’s name

Monday 10/17/16 More than 50% of people who will buy a new car this year say this is one of the most important things they look for…
How well it works for their dog

Friday 10/14/16 Less than 20% of people have done this before work because they were tired…
Drank a Mountain Dew

Thursday 10/13/16 What percent of women want a bad boy?

Wednesday  10/12/16 15% of women are more likely to message a man on a dating site if he includes this in his profile.
A pic of his dog

Tuesdays 10/11/16 According to a survey, women are most likely to daydream about _______ while in the shower…

Monday 10/10/16  14% of people hate it when their roommate does this. What is it?”

Hogs the remote

Friday 10/07/16  You should never use this word to describe your spouse

Thursday 10/06/16 Almost 90% of us who use THIS technology don’t like it…?
Credit card chip reader

Tuesday 10/04/16 A new survey found the top 7 things you can do to make a bad impression on a first date. #1 was using a cheesy or corny line. What is #2
Having unattractive teeth.

Monday 10/03/16 The average person does this 4 times a week. What is it?
Quoted a movie line

Friday 9/30/16 Each year, 150 people worldwide are injured on vacation because of this. What is it?
Coconuts falling.

Thurs 9/29/16 50% of women think men who do this are arrogant?” What is it?”
drive an expensive sports car

Tues. 09/27/16 33% of people have done this before taking a Selfie? What is it?
Floss their teeth

Mon. 09/26/16 Scientists say these have 40 times as many germs as a public toilet seat. What is it?
Elevator buttons

Weds 09/21/16 This is a woman’s biggest regret.
They didn’t try hard enough at school.

Tues. 09/20/16 57% of singles experience this before a first date. What is it?
sweaty palms

Mon. 09/19/16 53% of married women can’t get their husbands to do this. What is it?
going to see a chick flick

Fri. 09/16/16 Almost 20% of parents say they paid for THIS as part of their kids’ back to school shopping. What is it?
Teeth whitening!

Thurs. 09/15/16  On Tinder, ladies you can make a man swipe right by posting a picture of yourself here.?
At a Restaurant

Weds. 09/14/16  28% of men do this at least once a year without telling their wife. What is it?

Tues. 09/13/16  56% of men do this when their partner is not around. What is it?’
Eating food while on the couch

Mon. 09/12/16 70% of men stop doing this after their third wedding anniversary. What is it?
Putting their clothes in the hamper

Frid. 09/09/16 16% of married women have done this in the past year and then kept it a secret from their husband. What is it?
A minor car accident

Thurs 09/08/16  According to a new study, doing THIS can increase your self confidence…?
Stand up straight

Weds 09/07/16  80% of women use this on a daily basis. What is it?

Tues 09/06/16 Studies show the average person forgets THIS at least once a day?
What day of the week it is.

Mon. 09/05/16 Labor Day

Frid: 09/02/16 56% of people do this on a date b/c it makes them feel more confident.
Wear Black

Thursday 09/01/16  This is the number one dating dealbreaker
Someone who has been arrested

Weds: 08/31/16 The most recurring dreams include 1 – falling, 2 – being chased but what is number 3?
Being back in school as an adult

Tues. 08/30/16  Almost 20% of women who say this happens to them about once a week?
They get asked out by a co-worker.

Mon. 08/26/16  According to a new study, the more you do THIS, the more people seem to like you?
Ask Questions

Friday 08/2616 32% of teens do not know how to do this?
Check Tire Pressure

Thurs. 08/25/16  The average man does this 34 times a year. What is it?
Tells a bad joke

Weds 08/24/16 More than 60% of same sex siblings have fought over THIS. What is it?
Borrowing clothing without asking

Tuesday 08/23/16 Almost 35% of people surveyed said this was the most irritating habit of their significant other…
Chanel surfing 

Thurs 08/17/16  31% of married men will use this for an average of 7 years before replacing it. What is it?


Weds 08/1616  This is the ideal age to start a relationship if you want it to last.

Tuesday 08/16/16  Even though they know it’s wrong, Almost 5% of people say they try to do this every time they’re in a hotel room…
Sneak Their pets in

Monday 08/15/16 A third of people claim this is the worst thing you might have to do on a first date…
Blow your Nose

Friday 08/12/16  Almost 10% of women say they do this before they weigh themselves.
They dry their hair.

Thursday 08/11/16 According to women, at what age should women stop wearing skinny jeans?

Wednesday 08/10/16  According to a survey, THIS is the #1 pick up line.
“I forgot my phone number, can I have yours?”

Tuesday 08/09/16  More than 60% of women have done this before their wedding?
Waxed their upper lip

Monday 08/08/16  28% of women say this makes them feel younger…
Being blonde

Fri. 08/05/16  65% of women have made their partner do this before going out…
Change their shoes

Thurs. 08/04/16 47% of women do this everyday at work. What is it?
Shop online

Wed. 08/03/16 15% of people have fantasized about “Camping” here. Where is it?
In a library!

Tues. 08/02/16 38% of women have used this kitchen staple to improve their appearance. What is it?
Lemon juice (to lighten hair).

Mon. 08/01/16 42% of men have fallen asleep while doing this. What is it?
Getting a haircut

Fri. 07/29/16 70% of women would rather clean their bathroom than do this. What is it?
Try on swimsuits!

Thurs. 07/28/16 28% of men have surprised their partner with this. What is it?
Written her a love poem.

Weds. 7/27/16  88% of singles say this is one of the first things they notice about a date? What is it?
Their laugh

Tues. 7/26/16 On average, parents tell their children to do this 4 times a week. What is it?
Tie your shoes.

Mon. 07/25/16 27% of people still do this as an adult. What is it?
Eat their favorite sugary cereal.

Fri. 07/22/16 There are 12 different ways to fold this. What is it?
A handkerchief

Thurs. 07/21/16 37% of people say this is the biggest fashion faux paus someone can make during the Summer. What is it
Wear a Hawaiian shirt!

Wed. 07/20/16 27% of men have embarrassed themselves at work by doing this. What is it?
Walking into work with toilet paper on a shaving nick.

Tues. 07/19/16 More than 40% of men say they’re concerned about how masculine they appear when they…
Order a drink

Mon. 07/18/16 43% of women say a guy who does this is more attractive than a guy, who does not. What is it?

Fri. 07/15/16 Men are 33% less likely than women to go to the doctor. The #1 reason is they are too busy. What was #4?
They don’t like being weighed!

Thurs. 07/14/16 A woman is more likely to date a man who has this?
Attractive women friends!

Wed. 07/13/16 Doing this on a first date increases your chances of a second date…
Order the exact same thing.

Tues. 07/12/16 When it comes to losing things, men are 3 times more likely to lose THIS than women. What is it?
Their hearing!

Mon. 07/11/16 18% of women have busted a cheating mate after reading this. What is it?
A food or drink receipt.

Fri. 07/08/16 This is the #1 fear people have when going to the beach…?
Getting their stuff stolen!

Thurs. 07/07/16 23% of people trust this person more than they trust their boss. Who is it?
Their mechanic!!

Wed. 07/06/16 21% of cheaters hide their infidelity by using this? What is it?
A second SIM card in their phone.

Tues. 07/05/16 15% of men have insulted a woman on their first date by doing this?
Asking for gas money.

Mon. 07/04/16 Happy 4th of July!!!

Fri. 07/01/16 The average person will get 17 of these each year.
Bug bites!!

Thurs. 06/30/16 Almost 20% of people admit they have stolen this from a restaurant…
Toilet Paper

Weds. 06/29/16 A study reveals that women who do this get more job interviews.
Wear low cut tops or dresses

Tues. 06/28/16 A study show that More than 20% of 18-29 year old men have done this.
Faked it 

Mon. 06/27/16 More than 80% of people say they’ve recently gotten mad with a friend for doing THIS…?
Spoiling a tv show or movie ending!

Fri. 06/24/16 More than 20% of men have neglected to go on a second date with a woman because of this. What is it?”
Didn’t like the way she smelled (perfume)

Thurs. 06/23/16 15% of people would rather do this than floss. What is it?
Clean a toilet

Wed. 06/22/16 8 out of 10 teenagers admit to having one of THESE. What is it?
A curfew

Tues. 06/21/16 More than 25% people would prefer to shed 10 to 20 pounds this summer than get this?
Promoted at work.

Mon. 06/20/16 Almost 10% of fathers said what is their most prized possession?
Their Garage or Man Cave

Fri. 06/17/16 Father’s Day Trivia: Almost 30% of fathers say this is the gift they would least like to receive on Father’s Day. What is it?
A Fitbit

Thurs. 06/16/16 This year, Americans will waste about 170 million of these…
Vacation Days!

Wed. 06/15/16 25% of men say this is the worst fashion faux pas a woman can make. What is it?
Wearing leopard print

Tues. 06/14/16 Almost 10% of people in this profession get seriously injured each year. What profession is it?

Mon. 06/13/16 Father’s Day is Sunday. More than 75% of women are turned off by dads who wear this. What is it?
Pleated pants

Fri. 06/10/16 More than 45% of women would rather talk to a guy with bad breath than a guy with THIS…?
Nose hair

Thurs. 06/09/16 More than 30% of parents have done this in secret. What is it?
Sent explicit pics on their cell phone!!

Wed. 06/08/16 Almost 30% of people say they don’t go to a gym because of THIS…?
They don’t know how to use the equipment!

Tues. 06/07/16 Ladies when you do this in public, he secretly loves it.

Mon. 06/06/16 This has made almost 30% of women cry when they see it for the first time. What is it?
Their first wrinkle!

Fri. 06/03/16 When it comes to their appearance, more than 30% of Americans say they never do this…
Blow dry their hair

Thurs. 06/02/16 45% of people who do this, do not tell their partner about it. What is it?
Cheating on their diet!

Wed. 06/01/16 The average person does this 5 times a week while driving. What is it?
Rolling through a stop sign rather than coming to a complete stop!

Tues. 05/31/16 More than 15% of adults in a recent survey said they absolutely could not do this if they were asked to do it today. What is it?
Pass a written driving test!

Mon. 05/30/16 Most Annoying Beach and Pool Etiquette Violations: 1. Blasting loud music 3. Urinating in the water  What was #2?

Fri. 05/27/16 If you still have VHS movies in your house, THIS is most likely one of the movies you have a copy of. What is it?
The Lion King

Thurs. 05/26/16 14% of people believe owning this makes them more attractive to the opposite sex. What is it?”
A cute dog

Weds. 05/25/16 Almost 7,000 people a year are injured by this common household item. What is it?

Tues. 05/24/16 Almost 40% of adults (mostly women) say THIS is the most stressful thing about going on vacation. What is it?
Shopping for a swimsuit

Mon. 05/23/16 More than 15% of guys say they’ve done THIS romantic gesture. What is it?
Left a post it note love note for their partner.

Fri. 05/20/16 Almost 30% of men admit they get tired if it lasts more than 20 minutes. What?

Thurs. 05/19/16 According to a new poll, the actor most women want to camp with in the shower is CHANNING TATUM, but what actress do most guys want in there?
Jennifer Lawrence

Wed. 05/18/16 1 in 4 people say they’d put THIS in their dream home?
A library

Tues. 05/17/16 According to this survey, Women should be able to invoice men for this?
Bikini wax

Mon. 05/16/16 The average groomsmen spend this much to be in your wedding.

Fri. 05/13/16 Almost 40% of guys in a new survey say they’ve been known to do THIS without ever telling anyone. What is it?

Thurs. 05/12/16 According to a new survey of moms, they say THIS is the number one thing they miss from their days without children…?
Uninterrupted sleep!

Wed. 05/11/16 What percent of women say “I love you” first?

Tues. 05/10/16 Almost 90% of women in a recent survey said THIS is one of the biggest fashion mistakes a guy can make. What is it?
Short pants/High-waters!

Mon. 05/09/16 A quarter of women say they would LOVE to change this about their mother…what?
Their hair style!

Fri. 05/06/16 More than 35% of guys in a recent survey said when THIS happens on a date, it’s a big turn on. What is it?
The date knows more about sports than they do!

Thurs. 05/05/16 Mother’s Day is Sunday- when it comes to parenting, moms are more likely to do this than dads…
Steal from their kid’s piggy bank!

Wed. 05/04/16 At what age do women feel their sexiest?

Tues. 05/03/16 More than 25% of people said they would give up dessert for a year to have THIS. What is it?
A better smile

Mon. 05/02/16 Almost 70% of Americans think the presidential campaigns are leading more people to do THIS…?
Be rude

Fri. 04/29/16 Men secretly love when women wear this.

Thurs. 4/28/16 What percent of women think their ex is still in love with them?

Wed. 4/27/16 Almost 40% of women say they are jealous of women who have this…
Smaller feet

Tues. 4/26/16 If you do this before shopping you will spend an average of $139 more than you planned…
Drink alcohol

Mon. 4/25/16 50% of people don’t remember THIS from high school…
Their prom song

Fri. 4/22/16 A recent survey asked women what they want to change about their man. #1 was how he dresses. #2 was what he eats. What was #3?
His friends

Thurs. 4/21/16 When it comes to engagements, almost 75% of women agree on this…
They would accept a used/second-hand ring!

Wed. 4/20/16 According to a study, you’ll eat almost 35% less at meal time if you do this?
Chew loudly

Tues. 04/19/16 Almost 80% of high school students say THIS is their least favorite part of the school day…?
Cafeteria food at lunch!

Mon. 04/18/16 This will make him fall in love with you even more.
If you make him laugh.

Fri. 04/15/16 Almost 10% of women 25-54 cite this beauty product as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century…
Dry shampoo

Thurs. 04/14/16 Almost 10% of people say doing THIS is worse than paying taxes. What is it?
Visiting in-laws!

Wed. 04/13/16 In a survey of newlyweds, what was the #1 complaint about the first year of marriage?
Not enough “me time”

Tues. 04/12/16 Almost 10% of drivers say they do THIS because it “adds excitement”. What is it?
Not using their turn signal!

Mon. 04/11/16 Almost 1 in 5 people have no idea if their car has…
A spare tire.

Fri. 04/08/16 Almost 15% of women say they’ve done THIS in the bedroom and their partner doesn’t know about it. What is it?
Hidden snacks!

Thurs. 04/07/16 What food or drink item do we share the most on Facebook?

Wed. 04/06/16 Less than 5% of guys know how to do THIS. What is it?
Properly fold a dinner napkin.

Tues. 04/05/16 10 most common reasons people gave for not exercising. “No time” came in at #1. What was #5?
Don’t like exercising

Mon. 04/04/16 A recent survey, 6% of us think that doing this with someone other than your partner is cheating…
Kissing them on the cheek

Fri. 04/01/16 A new survey found that the average man loses this at age 53…
Fashion sense

Thurs. 03/31/16 People with this bedroom color get the most action.

Wed. 03/30/16 Almost 15% of adults say they’ve had a drink, or two, before doing THIS. What is it?
Going to the dentist!

Tues. 03/29/16 A study showed a 5-foot-9-inch man needs to make this much more than a 5-foot-10-inch one to be as successful in the dating pool.

Mon. 03/28/16 Almost 80% of women in a recent survey said THIS a big no for any guy over the age of 30. What is it?
Ear ring!

Fri. 03/25/16 According to a survey, being attractive was the #2 biggest date turn on. What was #1?
Good manners

Thurs. 03/24/16 SNOW DAY!!!

Wed. 03/23/16 More than 40% of happily married women can’t remember this?
Where they had their first date.

Tues. 03/22/16 A new survey asked people under 25 how important some different things are to the quality of their lives. The internet came in ahead of this necessity…

Mon. 03/21/16 You reach peak happiness at this age.

Fri. 03/18/16 Men notice this immediately about women.
Their attitude

Thurs. 03/17/16 The number one white lie we tell is “I’m fine.” What’s number two?
“I’ll be there soon” or “I’m on my way.”

Wed. 03/16/16 What is the number one thing a woman lies about on her dating profile?
Her height!

Tues. 03/15/16 Almost 15% of men have done THIS after a first date. What is it?
Change their phone number!

Mon. 03/14/16 What percentage of women say they would not marry the same man again?
Over 30%

Fri. 03/11/16 A new study from the dating app Tinder says over half of women will swipe right if the guy is holding ______ in his profile pic.
A Fish!

Thurs. 03/10/16 A survey of young adults found french fries to be the most addictive food, followed by…

Weds. 03/09/16  According to a recent survey, women spend over $1,000 a year on THIS. What is it?
Coffee from chains!

Tues. 03/08/16 When it comes to dating, some people are so desperate…Almost 20% of men and more than 9% of women admitted they would date someone who was _______
Convicted of murder

Mon. 30% of adults have done THIS while out shopping. What is it?
Switched a price tag!

Fri. If they could, almost 1 in 4 women would change this about their mother…
Their hair

Thurs. 03/03/16 In a recent Men’s Health Magazine survey, 17% of guys say they have never worn one of THESE. What is it?
A tuxedo!

Wed. 03/02/16 1 in 4 of us have used a sick day to do this…
Care for a pet.

Tues. 03/01/16 When applying for a new job, more than 30% of people said this was the worst thing about their previous job…
The coffee

Mon. 02/29/16 A new survey found that the most common thing people lie about it their weight. What came in at #2…
Their pant size.

Fri. 02/26/16 According to a new study, you will take in almost 10% fewer calories if you do this while eating…
Wear a blindfold

Thurs. 02/25/16 1 in every 17 married couples say they can’t remember the last time they…

Wed. 02/24/16 The average woman will do this more than 500 times over the course of her life. What is it?
Wear shoes that don’t fit!

Tues. 02/23/16 What percent of men would say yes if their girlfriend proposed?

Mon. 02/22/16 According to a recent survey, more than 25% of teens have done THIS without their parents knowing about it. What is it?
Gone to a concert!

Fri. 02/19/16 According to a new survey, this is the #1 phrase a woman does not want to hear…
“You look tired”

Thurs. 02/18/16 In a recent study, the average person knows two people who had THIS in high school. What is it?
A unibrow!

Wed. 02/17/16 Almost 95% of women in a recent survey said they consider THIS a huge turn-off. What is it?
Guys who wear silk boxers!

Tues. 2/16/16 Men like to act tough, but almost 40% of them say they’re very frightened of…
Going bald

Mon. 02/15/16 Almost 40% of women in a new survey say THIS is what they really wanted for Valentine’s Day. What is it?
A babysitter!

Fri. 02/12/16 You can get a man to love you forever by doing this.
Praise his junk!

Thurs. 02/11/16 More than 60% of people say they have THIS tucked away in storage. What is it?
Their high school yearbook!

Wed. 02/10/16 This is the ideal number of partners you should have.

Tues. 02/09/16 If you have your first date here, you are almost sure to get a 2nd date.
Sushi Restaurant

Mon. 2/08/16 More than 60% of guys in a recent survey admit to exaggerating about THIS when talking to someone they’re attracted to. What is it?
How good they were at sports.

Mon. 2/01/16 According to a recent survey, over 60% of men and women believe it is not appropriate to do this after the third date..
Talk politics

Fri. 1/29/16 Almost 1 in 5 kids knows this about a parent, and the parents are unaware…
One or more passwords

Thurs. 1/28/16 A survey says this is the household chore women hate the most?
Cleaning the bathroom

Wed. 1/27/16 1 in 9 people say this is their favorite place to hide money.
In a shoe

Tues. 1/26/16 Almost 30% of men in a recent survey said they get tired after about 26 minutes of doing THIS.

Mon. 1/25/16 In a new survey, more than 25% of women say they have tried to lose weight by doing THIS. What is it?
Eating baby food!

Fri. 1/22/16 More than 75% of people say they do this alone but would prefer to do it with someone else…
Drive to work

Thurs. 1/21/16 According to this survey, if they like this, they will sleep you on the first date?
If they like the taste of beer!

Wed. 1/20/16 The average woman criticizes herself 8 times a day, and almost 20% of women say this is one if the things on the list….
They don’t make enough money.

Tues. 1/19/16 In a new Yahoo survey, 55% of guys say they keep THIS in their car. What is it?

Mon. 1/18/16 In a new relationship survey, 17% of people say their partner annoys the heck out of them when they do THIS. What is it?
Talk in their sleep!

Fri. 1/15/16 This is the number one thing people judge you on.
Your teeth

Thurs. 1/14/16 A new survey shows that 20% of people do THIS at work at least twice a week, and no one ever knows about it. What is it?
Shows up late to work!

Wed. 1/13/16 The average woman does this about 25 times a year. The average man does this 4 times a year. What is it?
Change the sheets!!

Tues. 1/12/16 What’s the number one thing that makes dads angry?
Leaving the lights on.

Mon. 1/11/16 A little over 50% of women say they actually do this much better than their husband.
Mow the lawn.

Fri. 1/8/16 According to a new retail study, the average person tries THIS about 14 times before actually buying THIS. What is it?

A diamond ring

Thurs. 1/7/16 Women do this 8 times a day.

Wed. 1/6/16 Almost 20% of people will do THIS at some point during the month of January. What is it?
Pull a muscle during a workout!

Tues. 1/5/16 Like most women, 26% of men experience what?

Mon. 1/4/16 Subconsciously, this will make you more likely to order a dessert at a restaurant…
Overweight server

Weds 12/23/15 A small percentage of people use what as their favorite christmas present hiding spot?

Tues. 12/22/15 If you want a happy marriage, you need to have this.
A tall man

Mon. 12/21/15 On NYE, Almost 45% of women think this.
I’m kissing the wrong guy.

Fri. 12/18/15 According to this survey, 40% of people said this is Christmas song that best describes their life.
Silent Night

Thurs. 12/17/15 More than 40% of people have admitted in a new survey that they have done THIS during the holiday season, and they are not proud of it. What is it?
Going to work with a hangover!

Wed. 12/16/15 More than 30% of women say when it comes to the bedroom, THIS is a big turnoff. What is it?
Pets in the bed!

Tues. 12/15/15 A recent survey showed that when asked what movie title best describes their boss, employees said that Horrible Bosses was the #3 answer, Dumb and Dumber was #2…What was #1?

Mon. 12/14/15 In a new survey, 2,000 women were asked what Hollywood star they would like to meet under the mistletoe. What was the #1 answer?
Johnny Depp

Thurs. 12/10/15 In a new CNN survey, 30% of people say they secretly wish THIS would happen for Christmas. What is it?
At least one family member doesn’t show up!

Wed. 12/09/15 This is the main reason companies don’t have holiday parties?
Employees don’t want one.

Tues. 12/08/15 Almost 15% of women say they have received THIS item for Christmas, at least twice in their lifetime. What is it?
An Ice Scrapper

Mon. 12/07/15 According to a new study, single women think men who do this in their online dating profile picture are better long-term dating material.

Thurs. 12/03/15 40% of women plan on doing THIS this Christmas…
Buying and wrapping a gift themselves to make sure they get what they want!

Wed. 12/02/15 According to this survey, 30-40 year olds were asked what they played with as a kid.
40% said a speak and spell.

Tues. 12/01/15 A new survey from Forbes magazine shows that women spend about $115, on average, on THIS during the holiday season. What is it?
A dress for the holidays.

Mon. 11/30/15 In a new restaurant survey, waitresses and waiters say they are sure to get 40% more tips when they do THIS. What is it
Introduce themselves.

Fri. 11/27/15 More than 52% of women say they will kiss a man on the first date if he…
Smells good!

Thurs. 11/26/15 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Wed. 11/25/15 According to a new survey, 25% of adults says this is their biggest pet peeve.
Crumbs in bed.

Tues. 11/24/15 More than 55% of women in a recent dating survey said when they see a guy with THIS, they are completely turned off. What is it?
A comb-over!

Mon. 11/23/15 12% of people have had their boss speak to them about this. What could that be?
Online shopping at work.

Fri. 11/20/15 UK survey reveals that almost 25% of people have done this at their office Christmas party.
Thrown up in front of everyone!

Thurs. 11/19/15 According to a new list, Jennifer Lawrence is Hollywood’s most valuable star….Who is #2?
Robert Downey Jr.

Wed. 11/18/15 Almost 50% of adults say THIS was the hardest thing they’ve ever attempted to do. What is it?
Stop swearing

Tues. 11/17/15 When it comes to helping around the house, 33% of men do THIS…
The chores poorly so they never have to do them again!

Mon. 11/16/15 Almost 60% of women admit to using company time to do THIS. What is it?
Go Tanning!

Fri. 11/13/15 What does your husband do that you really can’t stand? This was the #1 answer.
Tickles You!

Thurs. 11/12/15 More than 60% of women in a new survey said THIS always puts them in the mood for love! What is it?
Someone cooking for them.

Wed. 11/11/15 Less than 5% of people admit they’ve stolen _____ from a hotel.
A plant!

Tues. 11/10/15 According to a survey, this is the biggest first date turn off?
Cigarette breath.

Mon. 11/09/15 A new survey reveals the top 5 dating deal breakers…. what was #1?
Being lazy!

Fri. 11/06/15 Men who do this are better in bed. What is it?
Drink beer!!

Thurs. 11/05/15 Almost 45% of men say their wife has this irritating trait. What is it?
She is a backseat driver!

Wed. 11/04/15 In a new survey, 23% of guys say they’ve done THIS before going on a date. What is it?
Trim their nose hairs!

Tues. 11/03/15 Almost 35% of parents said they do THIS on a daily basis. What is it?
Read bedtime stories to their kids.

Mon. 11/02/15 9% of couples say they’ve had an argument over THIS in the last month. What is it?
Closet Space

Fri. 10/30/15 More than 30% of women will do this in the next 4 days. What is it?
Dress up as a cat.

Wed. 10/28/15 Almost 20% of women get very angry when men do this. What is it?
Add spices to prepared meals!

Tues. 10/27/15 A new survey asked adult men what they try to hide from their mothers. 35% of guys said THIS. What is it?
They have a motorcycle!

Mon. 10/26/15 Women claim they have 12 of these every month. What is it?
Bad hair days

Fri. 10/23/15 Men with beards are 27% more likely to do this than clean shaven men.

Thurs. 10/22/15 More than 30% of women have secretly done this to their partner. What is it?
Thrown out their partner’s clothing!

Wed. 10/21/15 If a guy does this, he is bad at “camping.” What is it?
Stares at his phone!

Tues. 10/20/15 Almost  85% of women lie about this more than they lie about their age. What is it?
The size of their pants.

Mon. 10/19/15 More than 60% of women do this to calm their nerves before a date. What is it?

Fri. 10/16/15 43% of men in a new survey from MSNBC said they have no idea how to do THIS. What is it?
Tie a tie

Thurs. 10/15/15 A new survey from GQ Magazine reveals that 5% of guys have lied to their significant other about THIS. What is it?
The cost of the engagement ring!

Wed. 10/14/15 10% of women won’t allow their man to do this. What is it?
Wear a hoodie.

Tues. 10/13/15 Over 45% of women admit they have done this on company time. What is it?
Go for a tan!

Mon. 10/12/15 More than 25% of women say this is their biggest concern on a date?
Excessive sweating!

Fri. 10/09/15 Almost 80% of men don’t know the name of their wife’s…
Favorite perfume.

Thurs. 10/08/15 More than 50% of men get turned on by a woman who does this. What is it?
Drives recklessly.

Wed. 10/ 07/15 In a new survey almost  70% of men say they feel like they have more personality when they do THIS. What is it?
Grow a goatee. 

Tues. 10/06/15 More than 50% of us said THIS was the most embarrassing thing that happened to us in the last week. What is it?
Lost the car in the parking lot.

Mon. 10/05/15 50 years ago men did this three times more often than women. Today, it’s exactly the opposite…
Take pictures

Fri. 10/02/15 Almost 15% of women do this before weighing themselves because they think they’ll weigh less. What is it?
Blow Dry Their Hair

Thurs. 10/01/15 More than 45% of married men say this is their least favorite thing to do. What is it?
Watch chick-flicks.

Weds. 9/30/15 Women were asked to name things that really made them feel loved. Almost one in four included…
Doing the dishes for her 

Tues. 9/29/15 A new survey reveals that more than 15% of wives have hidden THIS from their partner. What is it?
A Speeding Ticket

Mon. 9/28/15 Almost 15% of married people have done this without their spouse knowing. What is it?
Check their browsing history.

Fri. 9/25/15 Almost 25% of us are thinking of this right now. What is it?
Quitting our job!

Thurs. 9/24/15 Do this in the middle of the day, and it could boost your energy by almost 35%.
Brush your teeth.

Wed. 9/23/15 More than 20% of us who’ve done this wish we hadn’t. What is it?
Gotten a butterfly tattoo.

Tues. 9/22/15 More than 85% of single people agree that this is a guaranteed deal breaker on a first date.
An annoying voice.

Mon. 9/21/15 Almost 40% of us say this is one of the worst things you can do on a dinner date. What is it?
Blow your nose.

Fri. 9/18/15 Almost 60% of married women say their husband isn’t very good at?

Thurs. 9/17/15 According to a survey, 60% of men think they have a
Perfect Butt

Wed. 9/16/15 According to research, you will fall asleep faster if you do this…

Put on your socks.

Tues. 9/15/15 More than 70% of us would give up TV, Shopping, or Cellphone for this. What is it?
A Flatter Stomach

Mon. 9/14/15 Time magazine did a survey and found out that 14% of people have borrowed THIS from a friend. What is it?
A Swimsuit!!

Fri. 9/11/15 When asked, “What does your husband do that you really can’t stand?”, this was the #1 answer…

Thurs. 9/10/15 Almost 70% of Americans in a new survey said – if money did not matter, they would choose to spend their money on THIS. What is it?
A Butler.

Wed. 9/9/15 Guys find girls with big ____ attractive.

Tues. 9/8/15 This is the biggest physical turn-off for a woman.
Nose hair.

Mon. 9/7/15 What’s the most attractive personality trait in a man?

Friday. 9/4/15 Almost 50% of women said when they do THIS, they always do it on Sunday. What is it?
Go makeup free.

Thursday. 9/3/15 In a survey of favorite smells “rain” and “lavender” topped the list, but almost 1 in 4 people agreed this smell should be in the top 5…
A campfire

Wednesday. 9/2/15 According to a new survey, coffee brewing is our favorite smell. What topped the list as the smell we hate?
Cigarette smoke

Tuesday. 9/1/15 Make a man want you by pointing this at him.
Your feet

Monday. 8/31/15 A new survey shows that people in the office are more likely to do THIS on Wednesdays and Fridays. What is it?

Friday. 8/28/15 More than 20% of men say they would not date a woman with this?
A Twin

Thurs. 8/27/15 More than 45% of all adults say this is the most difficult thing they have tried to do. What is it?
Stop swearing.

Wed. 8/26/15 65% of Moms say – when it comes to back to school time – THIS stresses them out the most. What is it?
Watching their kids play sports.

Tues. 8/25/15 In a new dating survey, 6% of guys say they have asked their date to pay for THIS during their night out. What is it?
A toll!

Mon. 8/24/15 A new teacher survey is out – Teachers say 40% of kindergartners do THIS while they are in class. What is it?
Kiss another student

Fri. 8/21/15 According to Marie Claire magazine, when asked this question, “I wish my husband didn’t own _____,” what came in at #1?
Golf Clubs

Thurs. 8/20/15 1 out 5 people admit to stealing this from a restaurant. What is it?
Toilet Paper.

Weds. 8/19/15 It’s National Friendship Week! Almost 85% of women and more than 50% of men would help their friend do this…
Wax a hard to reach place

Tues. 08/18/15 Teenage girls do this almost 170 times a year. What is it?
Slam the door.

Mon. 08/17/15 Almost 30% of men – on their dating profiles – say they would NOT date someone who has THIS/THESE. What is it?
Two or more cats!

Fri. 08/14/15 What percentage  of married couples are not opposed to an open marriage?

Thurs. 08/13/15 More than 75% of women but only about 35% of men do this every single day. What is it?
Tell a lie.

Wed. 08/12/15 What’s the #1 rule in your house? In a survey, this was the top response…
Shoes off furniture.

Tues. 08/11/15 According to experts, this is the thing we buy & misplace the fastest.. more than anything else. What is it?

Mon. 08/10/15 A survey asked “What do you wish had never been invented?” this was the #1 answer. What is it?

Fri. 08/07/15 Smelling this, makes you a happy person.
Someone’s sweat!

Thurs. 08/06/15 Almost 50% of men have done this by accident. What is it?
Say ‘I Love You’

Wed. 08/05/15 4% of people say this is the secret they don’t want anyone to ever find out…
They smoke.

Fri. 07/31/15 A new survey found that 7% of people have admitted to doing this while driving…
Watched Netflix.

Thurs. 7/30/15 9 out of 10 parents say they bribe their kids. The #1 reason is to do their chores. But almost 1 in 5 parents say they even bribe their child to…
Stop fighting with their siblings.

Wed. 7/29/15 Almost 30% of women said they bought one of these for themselves, and a good one too.
Cordless drill.

Tues. 7/28/15 Almost 10% of people have done this at a wedding…
Checked their email.

Mon. 7/27/15 Women who learn this at an early age are more successful & happier than those who haven’t figured it out yet…
Building up a guy’s ego.

Fri. 7/24/15 Almost 8% of arguments that couples get into are directly related to…
Past relationships

Thurs. 07/23/15 More than 45% of people say they miss this when they go on vacation?

Wed. 07/22/15 In the latest Forbes job survey, 80% of people say they’ve been embarrassed at work when this happened. What?
Stomach growled during a meeting!

Tues. 07/21/15 A new survey found the 5 worst things you can do at someone’s wedding. This came in at #5…
Insulting the bride’s mother.

Mon. 07/20/15 1 in 6 women admit that they have done this on a lunch break…
Gone home and changed their outfit.

Fri. 07/17/15 This is the #1 reason women won’t date a man. What is it?They have a pony tail.

Thurs. 07/16/15 If you have an unstable this at home or at work, you are going to feel unsecure in your relationship.
A chair.

Wed. 07/15/15 An insurance company study found that female drivers are more than 75% more likely than men to do this…
Misplace their keys.

Tues. 07/14/15 About 78,000 of these will be stolen from cars this year…

Mon. 07/13/15 Moms who do this around the house have daughters who tend to be more successful later in life.

Fri. 07/10/15 Women who do this gain about 15 pounds on average more than women who don’t. What is it?
Watch cooking shows.

Thurs. 07/09/15 About 15% of arguments in the car are over this..

Wed. 07/08/15 More than 15% of women are more turned on by this than their partner. What is it?

Tues. 07/07/15 Half of women who had one of these as a kid still have it today. What is it?
A nickname.

Mon. 07/06/15 1/4 women wish they could change the way they do this. What is it?

Thurs. 07/02/15 This year, 22% of new brides will have this in common…
They won’t take their Hubby’s last name.

Tues. 06/30/15 More than 75% of women have done this naked. What is it?
Talked on the phone.

Mon. 06/29/15 Census data reveals that the average American spends 43 minutes a day socializing and communicating. We also spend 43 minutes a day doing this…
Taking care of and helping other people.

Fri. 06/26/15 Doing this crosses the relationship line.
If another girl sits in your lap.

Thurs. 06/25/15 More than 25% of married women think their husband has done this behind their back. What is it?
Skipped work to play golf.

Wed. 06/24/15 10 years ago, only 8% of couples admitted doing this. Today, it’s up almost 20%…
Sleeping in separate beds.

Tues. 06/23/15 There are a lot of things women love about their man; but almost 50% say they can’t stand this…
Their choice of music.

Mon. 06/22/15 123,000 women will visit an emergency room this year because of an injury caused by…

Fri. 06/19/15 More than 45% of people say this happened to them at their current job, and they weren’t really expecting it. What is it?
They gained weight.

Thurs. 06/18/15 It takes a man 6 minutes to do this. What is it?
Decide if he wants a second date.

Wed. 06/17/15 This very simple thing can cause you to have a bad night’s sleep…
Messy room

Tues. 06/16/15 According to a social psychologist, couples who do not complain about this tend to have better marriages…

Mon. 06/15/15 Women who do this are almost 15% more confident and happier. What is it?
Wear tight jeans.

Fri. 06/12/15 33% of men have had this stolen from them. What is it?
An idea – by their boss.

Thurs. 06/11/15 According to a survey, what is the #1 thing that will put you in a bad mood in the morning?
Spilling food or drink on our clothes.

Wed. 06/10/15 More men than women do this when they go shopping. What is it?
Forget what they were going to buy.

Tues. 06/09/15 If you’re like most of us, you’ll have had 25 of these by the time you’re 35. What is it?
Sets of sunglasses

Mon. 06/08/15 Almost 60% of men and more than 65% of women found someone attractive until…. what?
Until they kissed for the first time.

Fri. 06/05/15 Almost 80% of couples go to bed at different times and this is the primary reason…
So they can online shop.

Thurs. 06/04/15 Almost 75% of women are not comfortable with their man doing this. What is it?
Working on her car

Wed. 06/03/15 This is the most immature couple fight.
Arguing over home maintenance

Tues. 06/02/15 A new poll finds More than 20% of us will NEVER do this no matter what. What is it?

Mon. 06/01/15 On average, men do this for 10 minutes a day.
Check themselves out.

Fri. 05/29/15 A new poll finds 50% of women say this boosts they’re mood when their feeling down. What is it?
Take an attractive selfie.

Thurs. 05/28/15 What percentage of one night stands turns into love?

Wed. 05/27/15 A new study reveals that women who do this are about to dump their man. What is it?
Dye their hair red.

Tues. 05/26/15 Almost 30% of families have a relative that will do this at a family barbecue this weekend…
Burp at the table

Mon. 05/25/15 The 2 most common things on bucket lists are going on a cruise around the world and…
Falling in love again.

Fri. 05/22/15 Almost 60% of women will not date a guy who has this. What is it?
A “Man Bun”.

Thurs. 05/21/15 More than 25% of women say this is the best thing about not being in a relationship. What is it?
Wearing comfortable underwear.

Wed. 05/20/15 Parents were asked what part of their kid’s homework was too hard to help them with, the #1 answer was algebra, followed by…

Tues. 05/19/15 According to a new survey, 42% of people who use online dating websites have this in common.
They are already in a relationship. – (30% are married and 12% are dating)

Mon. 05/18/15 According to a new poll, 20% of us fear this. What is it?
Dying while having sex.

Fri. 05/15/15 According to a new poll over 30% of us have gotten in to a major fight over this. What is it?
Sending a text to the wrong person.

Thurs. 05/14/15 More than 25% of married couples say this is something that they never do. What is it?
Give the silent treatment to the other spouse.

Wed. 05/13/15 A new survey finds more than 30% of women say they’re less attracted to men who do this. What is it?
Wear a blue tooth.

Tues. 05/12/15 54% of us say this is coworker’s most annoying habit.

Mon. 05/11/15 A new survey reveals almost 20% of us have done this at work, even though it can get us fired. What is it?
Going through the boss’s desk.

Fri. 05/08/15 On average, you will spend $673 on this during the summer.
Being a wedding guest.

Thurs. 05/07/15 According to a new study a woman is 20X more likely to be hit on if she is _________. What is it?
Walking her dog.

Wed. 05/06/15 A survey asked people what they are afraid of in their own home and this came in at #1…
Garbage disposal

Tues. 05/05/15 A majority of women say this is the biggest turn off in a man’s bedroom. What is it?
Themed sheets.

Mon. 05/04/15 A new survey finds of all the skills men should possess, THIS comes in at #1. What is it?
How to fix a toilet!

Fri. 05/01/15 Almost 25% of us have secretly done this while visiting someone else’s home. What is it?
Changed the direction of the toilet paper.

Thurs. 04/30/15 40% of people do not have one of these at their office…
A friend

Wed. 04/29/15 New research finds that men do this 12 times a year but women do it 100 times. What is it?
Check their horoscope.

Tues. 04/28/15 If a man has this they are 3 times more likely to have an affair. What is it?
Large feet

Mon. 04/27/15 Kids are most likely to stick crayons up their nose, followed by…
French fries

Fri. 04/24/15 The average person does this 70 times a day…

Thurs. 04/23/15 More than half (51%) of women admit to buying this. What is it?
Second Hand Clothing.

Wed. 04/22/15 What is the number one phrase a woman doesn’t want to hear?
You look tired.

Tues. 04/21/15 A new survey found that one out of three people say they take the same the lunch to work every day. What is the most common thing people pack?
Cheese sandwich

Mon. 04/20/15 A new survey finds that close to half of us have done this when we’re angry. What is it?
Ate Ice Cream.

Fri. 04/17/15 According to scientific research this is one of the top things that makes a man attractive to a woman? What is it?
When he doesn’t smile.

Thurs. 04/16/15 3 things you should never ask a woman. Her age, her weight, and? What is it?
If she has had work done.

Wed. 04/15/15 A new study finds the average married man has 3 of these in his life. What is it?
Women he is secretly attracted to.

Tues. 04/14/15 A new survey found that the average family has 300 fights a year over stupid little things. What was the #1 thing they fight about?
Kids refusing to put down gadgets and talk.

Mon. 04/13/15 Almost 25% of women are jealous of their partner because of this. What is it?
He is a better cook.

Fri. 04/10/15 A new poll finds 9 out of 10 men have never seen their father do this. What is it?
Make the bed.

Thurs. 04/09/15 One in 6 people do this when they go through a fast food drive-thru…
Buy their pet something.

Wed. 04/08/15 If a teenager is going to do this, it will cost them an average of about $320.
Prom proposal.

Tues. 04/07/15 A survey of the top men’s names that are 3 letters long.  What’s #4? 7. Jim 6. Tim  5. Joe 3. Sam  2. Ben 1. Bob
4. Ted 

Mon. 04/06/15 Women wait this long after a break-up to hook-up.
3 weeks 

Fri. 04/03/15 According to this list, who are the top animated Rabbits? 1. Bugs Bunny 2. Thumper 3. Roger Rabbit  5. Jessica Rabbit 6. White Rabbit (Alice & Wonderland) What’s #4?
4. Rabbit (Winnie the Pooh).

Thurs. 04/02/15 A little over 10% of men do not know this about their partner.
Her job title.

Wed. 04/01/15 While it’s assumed that nobody likes this, a new poll finds that more than 50% of us think it’s great. What is it?
Our drivers license picture.

Tues. 03/31/15 A survey found this to be the #1 thing moms fantasize about…
Winning the lottery.

Mon. 03/30/15 A new survey finds 44% of women do this with their significant other. What is it?
Share naked text pictures.

Fri. 03/27/15 According to a new poll 40% of your co-workers HATE it when you do this. What is it?
Take off your shoes.

Thurs. 03/26/15 A new poll reveals 30% of men have a crush on a woman who does this for a living. What is it?
TV Meteorologist.

Wed. 03/25/15 Live at Dairy Queen!!

Tues. 03/24/15 Women love this characteristic in a man.
His arrogance.

Mon. 03/23/15 According to relationship experts, a woman who has one of these is more likely to cheat on her partner. What is it?
A personal trainer.

Fri. 03/20/15 Almost 20% of single women say they do this constantly. What is it?
Check their Ex’s Facebook profile.

Thurs. 03/19/15 This is the lie that kids are most likely to tell…
That they brush their teeth.

Wed. 03/18/15 Women were asked to name one thing that romantic men all had in common, this was the most common answer.
They are older men.

Tues. 03/17/15 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Mon. 03/16/15 A new survey reveals more than 60% of men are unsure how to do this with a woman. What is it?
Shake her hand.

Fri. 03/13/15 Want to ensure a second date? Do this.
Call, don’t text.

Thurs. 03/12/15 Your divorce isn’t final until you do this.
Sell your ring.

Wed. 03/11/15 More than 70% of men do this but only a few will admit to it. What is it?
Fantasizing about their partners friends.

Tues. 03/10/15 What are people likely to do while driving that can distract them? 1. Text 2. Change radio station 3. Talk on phone. What’s #4?
4. Daydream  5. Put on makeup  6. Eat/Drink  7. Drive tired

Mon. 03/09/15 If you’re the average woman, you’ll do this about 30 times in your life. What is it?
Shower with a man.

Thurs. 03/05/15 This is the number one reason you are undateable.
You’re irresponsible.

Wed. 03/04/15 Almost 45% of women have done this, but less than 10% of men have. What is it?
Kissing and Telling – told a friend about an affair!

Tues. 03/03/15 Name something people brag about. 1. Kids  2. Income  3. Job What’s #4?
1. Kids  2. Income  3. Job  4. Athletic Ability  5. Body  6. Car

Mon. 03/02/15 A new survey reveals more than 75% of women would turn down this offer. What is it?
A trip to space.

Fri. 02/27/15 A new survey reveals 20% of women feel guilty about this. What is it?
Not making the bed.

Thurs. 02/26/15 Name a food that is hard to keep your face clean while eating. 1. Ice Cream  2. Ribs  3. Spaghetti  5. Pizza What’s #4?
4. Watermelon

Wed. 02/25/15 A new poll reveals almost 20% of us actually admit to doing this late at night. What is it?
Go through their neighbor’s garbage.

Tues. 02/24/15 In art class, name something a kid might use ‘cotton balls’ to make. 1. Snowman,  2. Clouds,  3. Rabbit, 5. Santa’s Beard. What’s #4?
4. Sheep

Mon. 02/23/15 When did you know you were comfortable in your relationship? More than 32% of people said.
When I left the bathroom door open.

Fri. 02/20/15 A new survey reveals close to half of us have wanted to do this, but haven’t so far. What is it?
Throw something at the TV.

Thurs. 02/19/15 Almost 25% of us are uncomfortable with THIS at work. What is it?
Having a younger boss.

Wed. 02/18/15 A new poll reveals 68% of women crave THIS food while they’re pregnant. What is it?

Tues. 02/17/15 This is the top place to meet a man.
A convention.

Mon. 02/16/15 More than 75% of women hate it when their spouse does this. What is it?
Sticks his finger in a pot to taste the food.

Fri. 02/13/15 A new poll finds for than 30% of us have not done this since high school. What is it?
Read a book.

Thurs. 02/12/15 36% of women have one of these in their purse right now, and they paid nothing for it…
A mint

Mon. 02/09/15 According to a new survey, more than 70% of us can only do this for about a minute. What is it?
Stay on hold before hanging up.

Fri. 02/06/15 People were asked to use one word to describe their spouse. The #1 answer was ‘stubborn’. What was #2?

Thurs. 02/05/15 A new survey reveals More than 40% of parents are worried their kids will follow in their footsteps when it comes to this. What is it?
Their driving habits.

Wed. 02/04/15 This is the #1 food that wrecks diets…
Chips and Salsa

Tues. 02/03/15 A new survey asked people to name something you associate with Boston. What is #4 on the list?
8. Marathon  7. Celtics  6. Chowder/Seafood  5. Boston Cream Pie  4. Accent  3. Tea Party  2. Red Sox  1. Baked Beans

Mon. 02/02/15 According to our list, what are the top 10 things people eat during the BIG game? What’s #9? 10. Veggie & Dip 8. Jalapeno poppers 7. Nachos 6. Chili 5. Buffalo wings 4. Popcorn 3. Hot dogs 2. Pizza 1. Potato chips

Fri. 01/30/15 To get closer to your man experts recommend doing this. What is it?

Thurs. 01/29/15 More than 35% of happy couples never talk about what?

Wed. 01/28/15 More than 70% of us have bought one of these even though we can’t pronounce it. What is it?
A bottle of wine.

Tues. 01/27/15 What’s the number one thing all men love to do?

Mon. 01/26/15 A new poll finds more than 40% of women do this 3 times a day. What is it?
Apply lotion

Fri. 01/23/15 Men were asked, “what’s the one thing you can never look cool doing?” This was the #1 answer…
Carrying your wife’s purse.

Thurs. 01/22/15 In a survey of HR managers, almost 10% said this is a sign of creativity…
Messy desk

Wed. 01/21/15 Almost 75% of men admit they have lied about this on a first date.
How much they work out.

Tues. 01/20/15 A new poll reveals almost 15% of men NEVER do this. What is it?
Use their signal light.

Mon. 01/19/15 Almost 50% of women would give up sex for this. What is it?
Getting out of debt.

Fri. 01/16/15 According to a new study, almost 30% of women missed a day of work because of this. What is it?
A bad haircut.

Thurs. 01/15/15 According to a recent survey, 15% of people say they dream about this on a regular basis…
Their pet.

Wed.01/14/15 A survey finds almost 60% of us would NEVER break this rule. What is it?
Use the express lane at the supermarket if we have more than the limit of items.

Tues. 01/13/15 According to a magazine poll, almost 25% of men hope to learn to do this in the New Year. What is it?
Play piano.

Mon. 01/12/15 New survey asked what do you most regret posting on social media? 6% of people said…
Pictures of their food.

Fri. 01/09/15 In a new survey of the sleazyist states, Iowa was 36th and Nebraska was 35th. Mississippi is #1, but what is #2?

Thurs. 01/08/15 A new poll finds if you’re average, you’ll do this 4 times a week. What is it?
Quote a famous movie line.

Wed. 01/07/15 According to an online poll, 25% of women said they wished their significant other would make this New Year’s resolution.
To be better in bed.

Tues. 01/06/15 According to a recent survey, about 20 percent of people say they call this person at least once a week. Who is it?
Themselves! (To find their phone)

Mon. 01/05/15 One in 10 drivers on the road is doing this right now.
Riding WITHOUT pants.

Fri. 01/02/15 Almost 50% of men have done this when home alone. What is it?
Try on women’s clothing.

Thur. 01/01/15 Happy New Year!

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