First things first:
I am totally against these sort of bios that everyone thinks are such a great idea. I mean, c’mon. You wanna define me by whether I wear boxers or briefs? REALLY?

Minnesota. Yeah I know it’s not a town but I moved a lot and 2nd have you heard of Identity theft?

I was born Aug 12th. Also on that day, Dad took my dog to “The Farm”. Thanks for making me relive that.

Why I got into radio:
Believe it or not my 9th grade teacher told me I talked so much and with that deep voice (it started at 14) that I should be in radio. And a dream was born.

Other jobs I’ve had:
That question just screams IRS audit (you know they probably reading this right?).

Hmmm 3 kids, my job or jobs and listening to music. Not a lot of time for hobbies. Does surfing porn count?

If I did I have any I might be feeling obsessive right now. What if I was OCD? OCD? OCD?

Strange Phobias:
I hate CLOWNS! They look like they are smiling but you can’t tell what’s going on under there!

Favorite Movies:
Private Parts, 2012 Gone in 60 seconds, Day after tomorrow. All of them are a must watch to the end if I ever accidently run across them. Maybe I am OCD?

Favorite TV Shows:
The Black List, Criminal Minds, Law and Order, Helix on SciFy.

Best concerts I’ve attended:
Motley Crue hands down! Bon Jovi at the Iowa Jam was a close second but that might have been more about the things I did there, than the show!

Death row meal:
Wow that is depressing….not sure, but it would be 4 course and take a long time to eat.

People say that I look like:
Big Daddy….or is it they ask “where is Big Daddy?”

Cartoon character I’d most like to have sex with:
Ummm…..yeah that’s a messed up question? Daphne on Scooby Doo.

Random radio memory:
When a Ops Manager called me to another room to “see a guy who looked just like Will Smith” and he even grabbed the guys ears and pushed them out to make the point. Yep strange moment.

Where I’d rather be right now: Not doing a Bio.

Yeah as you can tell I can be bit of a smartass. It’s true. Hell, ask anyone who works with me. But I think they’ll also tell you that I can be a lot of fun, too. We goof around and have a lot of fun here at KOOL 99.5. That’s why I hate these bios. Really hard to get to know someone from 21 questions. If you really want to get to know me, come out to a remote or the bar and half a couple with me. . I’m just a regular guy who loves Football, Hockey, Basketball and Baseball, plays the occasional video game and drinks a little of everything.
And for the record… boxer briefs.