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Winter is here and all men must die: As “Game of Thrones” returns, we have questions


HBO/Helen Sloan(NEW YORK) — Game of Thrones returns this Sunday night for its highly-anticipated seventh season. Here are some top burning questions heading into the big premiere:

At the end of season 6, Jon Snow was declared King in the North, with sister Sansa by his side. But sneaky Littlefinger wants Sansa to take over, so he can rule beside her.  Can he create a rift between her and Jon?

What will the first encounter between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen be like? Dany is coming for the Iron Throne, and Jon is King in the North.  Will these two — who may actually be related — go to battle, or decide to team up?

At the end of last season, Arya Stark stole a mask from the Hall of Faces and killed Walder Frey, the man behind the Red Wedding. Will she come for Cersei, the Mountain or someone else next? Will the Faceless Men come after her for her theft?

What about the Mountain’s brother, The Hound? Last season, he seemed to have turned over a new leaf. Will he and Arya reunite?

Cersei killed nearly all her enemies at the end of last season and took the Iron Throne for herself.  How long can she keep it?  What will become of her relationship with her twin brother Jaime, now that all their children are dead?

Olenna Tyrell, the grandmother of King Tommen’s late wife Margaery Tyrell, declared war on Cersei, and has joinied forces with Ellaria Sand, who blames Cersei for her lover Oberyn’s death. Can these two formidable women take on the Queen?

When we last saw Bran Stark, he was in contact with the Night King, who touched him during one of his powerful visions. Just how powerful is the leader of the White Walkers?

Game of Thrones returns Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET.

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