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Whose Christmas special intimidated Gwen Stefani into thinking she couldn’t do one herself?


Paul Drinkwater/NBCGwen Stefani’s first holiday special, You Make It Feel Like Christmas, airs tonight on NBC.  But Gwen admits that watching one particular singer’s Christmas special intimidated her so much that she was ready to quit before she even started.

“I remember at the very beginning, trying to imagine what it could be and watching different Christmas specials,” Gwen says of planning her show. “And remembering the ones that I watched growing up like Donny and Marie or Cher…[but] Blake has an amazing Christmas special that he did.”

“Blake” is of course Gwen’s boyfriend, Blake Shelton.  She says, “After watching his, that’s when I was like, ‘I don’t wanna do this. I can’t do this….why would I do this to myself? This is too hard,’ y’know?”

But Gwen finally got over her trepidation and came up with a special featuring 10 different musical numbers, costumes, dancers and guest stars including Seth MacFarlane, Ken Jeong, Chelsea Handler, Ne-Yo and, of course, Blake.  The two perform their Christmas duet “You Make Me Feel Like Christmas,” which Gwen says is one of her favorite moments in the show.

“During that song…I felt like I was stopped in a snow globe,” she recalls. “And I was just like, ‘Wow, this is happening! Right now!’ It was really a magical moment.”

Gwen says she also incorporated one of her family’s childhood Christmas traditions into the show, one that she now does with her sons.  On Christmas morning, when she was little, Gwen says, “The entry going into the living room would be completely covered [in wrapping paper], so we would have to, like, crash through that…now my kids really look forward to that.”

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