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Who did Shawn Mendes say left him “completely starstruck” when they met…en route to the bathroom?


ABC/Matt Brown

Shawn Mendes has played to tens of thousands of adoring fans all over the world, scored chart-topping albums and headlined at New York’s Madison Square Garden.  But all it took was one specific star calling him “honey” to render him “completely starstruck.”

Appearing on the U.K.’s Bizarre Life podcast, the Canadian singer was asked to describe the most bizarre party he ever attended.   It turned out to be a party thrown by his pal, Taylor Swift. “Jay Z and Beyonce were there,” Shawn recalled.  “And I was completely starstruck by Beyonce. We were both headed to the bathroom, and I told her to go first.  She said, ‘Thank you, honey.'” 

Shawn says that comment left him pretty overwhelmed but, he said, “My night went on.”

Shawn also was asked to reveal the best advice he ever received and — surprise — it was from Taylor.  “She told me to never be afraid to get on stage in front of people who want to be there,” he recalled. “Because they want to have fun and they’re not there to judge you.”

“Every single time before I get on stage now, I really, really think about that,” he added.

The North American leg of Shawn’s Illuminate world tour starts July 6 in Portland, Oregon.  While his album Illuminate came out less than a year ago, he’s already begun work on album number three while on tour overseas. The vibe, he says, will be different from his past work.

“I[‘ve been] listening to some old school rockers; I’ve listened to a lot of Michael Jackson, and just [am] trying to explore a little bit,” the 18-year-old singer said. “I think the album is gonna be not just one particular thing — it’s gonna be a kind of exploration of music.”

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