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Wednesday’s Dirt


Contact Music claims Amal Clooney gave birth to twins yesterday in a $10,900 birthing suite. The site also claims she had round-the-clock care and some of the best doctors in London. Alex and Ella are healthy. A source tells Hollywoodlife.com; .“George is absolutely blown away by the twins, he seriously never thought he could feel love like this, it is on a whole other level from anything he’s ever experienced before. Brad [Pitt] had told George how amazing it is to become a dad, but he hadn’t been able to fully comprehend it, until it happened. Now he’s just walking on sunshine. George has performed a complete 180 from his bachelor days, and he couldn’t be happier or more content. George seriously can not imagine a life without Amal and the twins. He finally feels complete…content….whole…like he’s achieved his life purpose.”

Hollywoodlife.com claims Janet Jackson has lost 50 pounds in 5 months since giving birth to twins. A source tells the site: “Her pregnancy and having a healthy baby were her top priority, so when she canceled her last tour, she knew that she would be making it up to all of her fans once she got on the road again.”

Jay Leno tells the Washington Post that he is not outraged by Kathy Griffin’s beheading joke about Donald Trump. “If a joke is really funny, all bets are off. How many times have you heard someone go, ‘oh my God that was terrible, but it was so funny.’ But Griffin’s gag misfired — it didn’t work. It was an ISIS pose … it brought up all the wrong images. The joke didn’t work, case closed. You can do it — nobody’s gonna get arrested, the feds aren’t coming in, it’s just people weighing in one way or another.”

TMZ claims thieves recently broke into David Spade’s Beverly Hills home. They stole his safe, which contained cash, jewelry and a wedding band that belonged to David’s mom. David lost $80,000 worth of valuables. The crooks disabled his security system

Hollywoodlife.com claims former Bachelor star Chris Soules is nervous about his upcoming fatal hit-and-run trial. A source tells the site: “Chris is freaking out over his trial and can’t sleep at night. He has no idea how a jury will react to the facts of his case. He is looking at up to 5 years in prison and he doesn’t think he can do that kind of time, he feels like it would ruin his life. Chris has been stressing out over the entire situation and can’t stop thinking about that terrible evening and all the things he should have done differently. He is praying that he is not found guilty, cause he can’t stand the idea of being locked away from his life and family for years.”

OK! magazine claims Kim Kardashian is having a cellulite crisis. A source tells the mag: “She’s the first to admit to battling cellulite, but over the past few months it’s cropped up everywhere! She’s wondering if it’s her diet, even though she’s obsessively healthy with what she eats. She’s already booked in for her favorite cellulite laser treatment, Velashape, and some Coolsculpting. She’s determined to have a butt and thighs as smooth as her photoshopped selfies

The Mercury News, citing US Weekly, claims Aaron Rodgers is still not talking to his family even though he and Olivia Munn are no longer dating. Sources tell the publication; “His mom, Darla, has reached out to him multiple times in the last few months but hasn’t heard back from him.”

Billboard magazine claims Jerry Seinfeld rejected pop star Kesha when she asked for a hug during an event at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C..She said; “I’m Kesha, I love you so much! Can I give you a hug?”Jerry replied; “No thanks. I don’t know who that was.”