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Wednesday’s Dirt


TMZ claims 2015 ”Bachelor” star Chris Soules was arrested after he slammed into a tractor, killed the driver and then fled the scene in Iowa. Chris was driving his pickup truck when he rear-ended the tractor sending it into a ditch. The tractor’s driver was taken to a hospital where he died. Chris was charged with leaving the scene with a death. Hollywoodlife.com, citing Radar Online, claims Chris knew his 66 year-old victim Kenneth Mosher.


Chris’s representative released a statement saying: “Chris Soules was involved in an accident Monday evening (April 24) in a rural part of Iowa near his home. He was devastated to learn that Kenneth Mosher, the other person in the accident, passed away. His thoughts and prayers and with Mr. Mosher’s family.”


People magazine claims Soules was in possession of alcoholic beverages. He refused to leave his house until officers attained a search warrant for it.


Whitney Bischoff, the woman, who Soules chose on The Bachelor, tells People magazine: ”This is a very sad situation. I’m keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers, especially the victim and his family.”


Hollywoodlife.com claims Chris Soules could lose his farm and $1.5 million if found guilty of the charges levied against him


The NY Daily News claims Caitlyn Jenner may run for a political office. The paper quotes her as saying: “So, I’ve thought about it. Because I’ve done some speaking over the last 30 years at Republican events. And every time I do that, everybody comes up and says ‘oh my god, you should run for office.’ And I’m thinking, ‘yeah, right, I don’t want to run for office. I got way too many skeletons in my closet.’ They’d have some reporter digging into me and I would be dead…they would destroy me. There’s no way I could do it. No, I got no more secrets.”


Erin Moran’s personal trainer Michael Banyar tells Radar Online that she wanted to return to television before her death. “There was always this kind of urgency that this was her last ditch effort to make it in acting. After Happy Days and everything else, her career plummeted — we talked about it a few times. She wanted to get back on track and be ready physically, mentally and emotionally before it was too late, Erin was taking it one step at a time, but she would have taken any job she could to be employed again. She’d always say, ‘I’m too darn fat, don’t take any pictures of me until I’m in shape’ and she worked really hard. She was weak but she was always really positive and made a lot of progress when we worked together. I wish I had more time with her.”


Erin’s husband Steve Facebooked: ”So we went to an ENT who said they wanted to biopsy it. It came back squamous cell carcinoma. She started radiation and chemo. Five days a week radiation and chemo only on Thursdays. We did that the whole time. It got so bad so fast. By the middle of February, Erin could no longer speak or eat or drink. She had a feeding tube implant and i feed her 6 to 8 times a day. She was still happy, she was active, she texted people on her phone all day. On the 21st she was having trouble breathing. She woke up on the 22nd, she was not 100%. She needed Kleenex, so i went to the store and came back. She was there watching T.V in bed. I laid down next to her held her right hand in my left. I feel asleep woke up about a hour later still holding her hand and she was gone, she was just gone.”


TMZ claims Erin’s brother threatened Scott yesterday for comments he previously made about her. The site quotes Tony as saying; “She told me that you were tiny. Get on your knees and pray you never run into me.”


The NY Daily News claims Maksim Chmerkovskiy missed his Good Morning America interview yesterday because someone tried to break into his home. His Dancing with the Stars partner Heather Morris tells ABC; “They had some sort of run in with some man near their house trying to break in, but the police were there. They took care of it. So they’re safe and Peta’s okay. That’s the most important thing.”

The Wrap claims the release date of the fifth Indiana Jones movie has been pushed back to 2020. Harrison Ford will turn 78 on July 13, 2020. The Indiana Jones films have grossed $2 billion at the box office