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Rosie O’Donnell has told Saturday Night Live that she is ready to appear as one of Donald Trump’s cabinet members. “If called, I will be ready. I am here to serve.”

Fans want her to play Steve Bannon.

Naughty Gossip, citing Page Six, claims Kate Upton acted like a diva during her Sports Illustrated swimsuit Issue photo shoot. A source tells the sites: “There was drama. Kate demanded that if she did the shoot, that she absolutely must get the cover. She also had a list of photographers and hair and makeup people she would only work with. She was being a big diva. She’s thinks she’s better than everyone because she’s an actress.”

Vanity Fair claims Jack Nicholson is going to star in the English-language remake of Toni Erdmann. The movie is about a practical joking father, who tries to reconcile with his daughter by posing as her boss’s life coach. Nicholson hasn’t done a film since 2010. The German version of Toni Erdmann is nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars

The Gothamist claims The Golden Girls cafe has opened in Washington Heights, New York. The restaurant has been packed since it opened last week. The menu features recipes from Rue McClanahan’s personal collection as well as many dishes from The Golden Girls TV show. The Rue LaRue Cafe features many of Rue McClanahan’s personal belongings on the walls.

Keanu Reeves tells Metro US that another Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure movie is in the works. “Bill and Ted were supposed to change the world and write the song that saves the world, so the pressures of having to do that and not having succeeded yet – what that’s done to their relationships, their marriage their children and their lives, it’s a cool premise.”
Radar Online claims Jamie Lynn Spears’ 8 year-old daughter Maddie is awake and talking following an ATV accident over the weekend. She was tossed into a pond and submerged underwater.

A statement posted by the site reads: “With her father, mother and stepfather by her side, Maddie regained consciousness mid-day Tuesday, February 7. The 8-year-old daughter of entertainer Jamie Lynn Spears was involved in an ATV accident at a family home Sunday near Kentwood, La. Doctors were able to remove the ventilator today and she is awake and talking. “Maddie continues to receive oxygen and is being monitored closely but it appears that she has not suffered any neurological consequences from the accident.”

Keanu Reeves tells Entertainment Weekly that he is open to doing John Wick 3. ‘Absolutely. I love the character and the world. Whether or not I get the chance to do another chapter is really up to the audience. If they enjoy what we did — and hopefully they do, fingers-crossed, I really dig it — but if they do enjoy it, then I’ll have the chance to continue the story of the character and the world.”

John Wick: Chapter 2 opens tomorrow

RICHARD HATCH from the ORIGINAL “Battlestar Galactica” TV series died yesterday after a battle with pancreatic cancer.  He was 71.  Hatch played Captain Apollo.  (Full Story)

GEORGE LOPEZ went nuclear at a show Saturday, when a woman in the audience objected to a racial joke about Latinos and black people.  He told her, quote, “You can’t take a joke, you’re in the wrong mother[effin’] place.  Sit your [effin’] ass down or get the [eff] out.”  Then he kicked her out