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Wednesday’s Dirt 09/1317


O.J. Simpson will be playing a cat-and-mouse game with the media when he’s released, and it involves his safety.

The media has a 1 in 18 chance of spotting the famous convict when he’s released from Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada. That’s because there are 18 release points and our prison sources say they are keeping the actually release site and date on the DL.

Lisa Vanderpump got a company specializing in high fashion for dogs to outfit her precious Pom Giggy, but she turned her back when it came to payment … this according to a new lawsuit.

Fifi & Romeo, a luxury dog boutique, claims in the new suit obtained by TMZ, they struck a deal with Lisa to dress Giggy for some high-profile events and photo shoots. The deal was this … F&R would dress Giggy to the nines at no cost but Lisa would promote the company on Instagram and TV appearances.

F&R now claims fraud, and they want an unspecified amount of money to make it right.

Mashable claims clowns are set to invade screenings of Stephen King’s new movie IT this weekend. A Facebook page called Clown Purge Australia claims 10 clowns will descend upon movie theaters in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. The page says; “We’re not here to harm, only here for a laugh and a good time.”


Breitbart claims Kate Hudson is under fire for telling Cosmo magazine that the laziest thing she’s ever done is have a C-section.

Fans react …

“Yes, moms who have a c-section rather than let their child die during labor are super lazy”

“Most people have to get C-Sections to save their babies”

“My son’s heart rate was dropping and had to do an emergency c-section. Proud of my scar. Not proud of your comment Kate.”

“Some people just can’t read an article and move on with their lives they have to make it into an argument.. COME ON.”


Contact Music claims George Clooney’s wife Amal likes watching old episodes of him on ER. George tells Vanity Fair ”Every once in a while, Amal – because she didn’t really watch television during that period of time – will see it on TV, usually in Europe. ‘And she’ll see it and it just makes us both laugh, because I’ve aged a lot in [the years since]. Yeah, she got me 10 years after that guy, thank God.”


Hollywoodlife.com claims Jean-Claude Van Damme’s youngest son, Nicholas Van Varenberg, was recently arrested for holding his roommate at knifepoint. The Phoenix police were called to Nicholas’s apartment complex after he punched an elevator. Officers left without filing charges. They returned 20 minutes later after Nicholas pulled a knife on his roommate because his roommate called the police on him. Officer searched Nicholas’s apartment and found marijuana before charging him with possession and aggravated assault.


Contact Music claims JJ Abrams is going to direct and co-write “Star Wars Episode IX.” Lucas Films executive Kathleen Kennedy says, ”With ‘The Force Awakens’, J.J. delivered everything we could have possibly hoped for and I am so excited that he is coming back to close out this trilogy.”


The National Enquirer claims Anna Faris may go public with her divorce secrets. A source tells the magazine: “Anna has already started to reveal what went wrong with her husband on her podcast, but those comments are just the tip of the iceberg. Anna has been approached by lots of magazines and TV shows — and even has had book offers. For the moment, she is taking her time finding the right place to tell all. She isn’t going to give this away for free.”


Kobe Bryant tells TMZ that he is stunned that the Lakers are retiring his number 8 and number 24 jerseys on December 18th. “I certainly never imagined having two! The Lakers have bestowed a huge honor on me and I’m grateful for the fans’ enthusiasm around this game. As a kid growing up in Italy, I always dreamed of my jersey hanging in the Lakers rafters, but I certainly never imagined two of them”