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Watch now: Machine Gun Kelly is here to help you with “The Break Up” this Valentine’s Day


ABC/Image Group LAValentine’s Day not going so well? Let Machine Gun Kelly help rid you of a bad relationship.

The rapper not only released the video for his song “The Break Up,” he also launched a website called www.1800THEBREAKUP.com, offering fans suggestions on how to break up with their significant other.

The site contains such breakup messages as, “Wanna see a magic trick? Poof! You’re single” and “I’m literally using a website to break up with you [right now] — this is not a joke.” Just plug in the person’s phone number and they’ll get a text telling them it’s over.

And if you think that’s harsh, just listen to the lyrics of “The Break Up.” In the song, Machine Gun Kelly angrily ends things with an unworthy lover.

“I wish that I loved you/Or that I cared/Or that I’d even give a damn if you were here/But you’re gone so it’s f*** you,” he raps.

The colorful visual features the rapper breaking up with a girl over the phone and throwing up a middle finger to the relationship.

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