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WALK THE MOON will put “One Foot” in front of the other as they kick off Press Restart tour


Brian ZiffIn November, WALK THE MOON released their new album What If Nothing, and tonight in Washington, D.C., they’ll kick off their Press Restart tour in support of the new disc.  What can fans expect?  Oh, just some “crazy production”…and maybe some tigers for good measure.

Asked to describe the tour, WALK THE MOON bass player Kevin Ray tells ABC Radio, “Two words: live doves.  Maybe some white Siberian tigers, just let ’em loose.”

Of course, he’s kidding, but he promises this tour will be special. 

“We’re just so excited!” he says. “It’s been a year and a half…since our last real headlining tour.  So here’s a chance to take how we’ve changed and evolved in a year…and put it into our show, which is our favorite thing to do.”

Kevin describes the tour as “the culmination of all this work that we put into our music,” and adds, “We’re kinda pulling out all the stops.”

He promises “some crazy production,” noting, “I think it’s gonna be exciting for the fans, because maybe in the past we’ve been kinda limited in what we could afford to do or, space-wise, what we could pull off. Now, I think now we’re in a position to just go a little crazy!”

WALK THE MOON is expecting two groups of fans on the tour: those who’ve been with them for years, and those they acquired thanks to “Shut Up and Dance.”  While that song changed their lives forever, Kevin says with the new album, they didn’t feel obliged to come up with an album full of “Shut Up and Dance Part 2s.” 

“We decided to just be a rock band and just do what we know we can do best, and that felt great,” says Kevin. “We’ve never been more excited.”

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