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Tuesday’s Dirt



Raw Story claims Richard Simmons is suing the National Enquirer and Radar Online for claiming he is transitioning from a man to a woman. The Enquirer allegedly posted a headline that read ”He’s Now A Woman.” The tabloids also claim he was living as a woman named Fiona.


The Enquirer says; ”Richard Simmons’ lawsuit is ironic … since he claims to support LGBTQ rights, and is now claiming he was defamed by its story he was transitioning to a woman. What’s really ironic is … Simmons said exactly that in his lawsuit — that the Enquirer was gambling he wouldn’t sue because it would make it seem like he thinks there’s something wrong with people who transition. We stand by our reporting about Mr. Simmons, and intend to vigorously defend this lawsuit and win public vindication of our reports.”


Hollywoodlife.com claims ABC wants Kelly Clarkson to judge American Idol if and when it returns. A source tells the site; “Kelly [Clarkson] is on the top of the list to be a judge. ABC loved Kelly when she judged on the show Duets and would love to have her back for the Idol return because she was so great and it would make complete sense for her to be on the panel. Her, along with Ryan [Seacrest], would give the reboot the sign off that ABC thinks the show needs for the show, and its future, to excel.”


Deadline.com claims former President Bill Clinton is writing a new thriller novel called ”The President is Missing.” Best-selling author James Patterson is also working on the book. Both men are keeping the book’s storyline a secret.


Law Newz claims former Bachelor star Chris Soules has formally been charged in the fatal hit and run that killed an Iowa farmer. The class C felony is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $7,500 fine. Soules continues to maintain his innocence.


Jimmy Kimmel returned to his late night show last night where he gave an update on his son, who is recovering from heart surgery. He said; ”Billy, is doing very well, eating, sleeping, and getting bigger.”


The Banana Split Frappuccino: Teen Vogue claims Starbucks is offering a new Frappuccino called the Banana Split Frappuccino. The drink costs $6 and tastes like a strawberry banana smoothie. The frappe contains a vanilla bean base, a banana, frappe, strawberry juice and mocha drizzle. The Banana Split Frappuccino also comes with an optional cookie straw


Brides Cake Ice Cream


Blue Bell Ice Cream has unveiled a new flavor called Brides Cake. The flavor features almond ice cream, amaretto cream cheese icing swirls and cake pieces. Groom’s Cake ice cream features chocolate ice cream, chocolate pieces, chocolate-covered strawberry hearts, chocolate icing and strawberry sauce.

Elite Daily claims Nabisco is selling a new Oreo flavor called Firework. The cream filling features popping candy.