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Tuesday’s Dirt


Kelly Ripa tells Entertainment Tonight that she and Ryan Seacrest talked about hosting together 10 years ago. “I feel like we first talked about it almost a decade ago. We’ve always enjoyed working together. That’s never been a question — just [needed to be] on the same coast at the same time. He’s a seamless broadcaster. There is nobody better. There is nobody that actually understands what 30 seconds of conversation actually means in time, in real time, like Ryan does. So, he makes everything easy. It’s like a vacation day.”


TMZ claims Prince’s estate may launch a new reality show starring members of his family. Prince’s fam plans to use some of his unreleased music in the show.


Hollywoodlife.com claims Olivia Munn is furious that Aaron Rodgers is now dating Baywatch star Kelly Rohrbach. A source tells the site: “Olivia Munn is furious after seeing Aaron [Rodgers] out with Kelly Rohrbach. Aaron made it seem like he was in no rush to date anyone else when they split. It was more about the issues they were having — the fighting and him needing space. Now she’s wondering if Aaron wasn’t being completely honest with her and had his eye on Kelly while they were together.”


Another source tells Hollywoodlife.com: “Aaron has not contacted Olivia and doesn’t plan on doing so. He doesn’t feel the need to justify why he was playing golf with Kelly, or anything else about her. He claims Kelly had absolutely nothing to do with their break-up. It was along time coming, and Kelly is not to blame. Aaron also says that he did not cheat on Olivia with Kelly, he’s a straight shooter and did nothing wrong.”


InTouch Weekly claims Bachelor star Chris Soules was drinking heavily in the weeks before his fatal crash. Bartender Jennifer Stover served him on April 6th. She tells the magazine; “Chris had ordered five Jack and Coke doubles, and his friends had ordered him three whiskey shots with pickle juice to chase it. By the end of the night, Chris was slurring his words. I definitely do believe he was intoxicated. Chris was definitely bragging about his status and how he’s no longer just a farm boy anymore.”

Variety magazine claims Judge Judy is developing a new game show called iWitness. Three competitors will test their powers of observation during the 30-minute show. Competitors can win $20,000