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Tuesday’s Dirt



Drake is the latest celeb whose home was burglarized, but the criminal’s booty totaled around $10 in water and soda.

Law enforcement sources tell us … a member of Drake’s crew walked into the house at 10:30 PM on April 3 and found a 24-year-old woman in one of the bedrooms, wearing one of Drake’s hoodies.

The cops were called, and the woman told them she had permission to enter, which she did not. She then confessed to pilfering Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji water. Drake wasn’t home at the time. It’s unclear how the woman got inside the house or how long she was in the house. There were no signs of forced entry. The lady was arrested and charged with felony burglary.

Kid Rock doesn’t kid around when it comes to locking down his longtime gf … we got the first shots of the diamond ring he put on Audrey Berry when he popped the question. Sources close to the couple confirm they got engaged earlier this year, but rumors started swirling when Audrey was seen rocking this ring on her left hand during Kid’s fan cruise a couple 2 weeks ago. No question, Audrey looked totally charmed by her rock … she couldn’t stop smiling and staring at it. Audrey and Kid have been linked together for nearly a decade. This will be his second marriage. He famously married Pamela Anderson in 2006.

The NY Post claims a doctor, who saw Prince in the days before he died, prescribed oxycodone on his behalf to his friend so his privacy would be protected. Cops are continuing their investigation into the singer’s death. The prescriptions were written to Kurt Johnson A source tells Showbiz Spy: “Prince knew he had a problem with pain killers and several times tried to wing himself off, though always unsuccessful”

Hollywoodlife.com claims Marc Anthony would give Jennifer Lopez his blessing if she wanted to marry Alex Rodriguez. A source tells the site: “Marc thinks A-Rod is the man. They have been friends for a while, not close friends, but they have always had total respect for each other. Marc would actually give his complete blessings if A-Rod proposed to JLo. He thinks they are well suited for each other, and most importantly that he’s a terrific dad and mentor. He gladly welcomes A-Rod to the family.”

Naughty Gossip claims Kim Kardashian made Kanye West dress as the Easter Bunny on Sunday. A source tells the site: “Kim made him dress up and he did it. No one noticed Kanye west missing and the kids believed he was the real easter bunny. At the moment she is in charge and doing what he is told.”

Mila Kunis tells Contact Music that having dogs is good training for having kids. “It’s the same as having a dog. I too have two dogs, I’ve always had dogs. I’ve always said have a dog, it’s a good trainer for a kid, I’m not kidding. The difference is you can’t just dump your kid on someone while you’re away. But motherhood’s great, I think it’s fantastic. I think we [Kutcher and her] waited until we were in the right headspace in our life to have a child, and I think that makes a huge difference.”

Melissa Etheridge tells Perez Hilton that she smokes marijuana with her kids. “It was a wake-up call for me. When I used it as medicine, it became so clear to me that it has been maligned and misunderstood, and I really wanted to help people who are suffering. I mean, going through chemotherapy is suffering… and cannabis helps so many parts of just that. That’s just the beginning of what it does medicinally. I have smoked with my older two. It was funny at first, then they realized it’s a very natural…and it brings you closer. I’d much rather have a smoke with my grown kids than a drink, oh God no.”

UFC President Dana White tells Fox Sports that Ronda Rousey may be done fighting. “Ronda and I talk maybe once a week, once every two weeks. She has not said anything to me about a comeback. If I had to guess, I would guess that she would not come back.