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Tuesday’s Dirt


Naughty Gossip claims JLo wants Alex Rodriguez to propose. A source tells the site: “Jen wants a ring and she wants it now. she is ready and has made it clear that she wants to get married again. Jen is the sort of lady that asks for what she wants. She wants him and she will get him.”


Entertainment Tonight claims John Stamos was performing with the Beach Boys on Sunday when he realized his pants had split open. He later Instagrammed: “…and then, somewhere towards the end of Fun, Fun, Fun – I felt a slight breeze in the buttocks area…. #SplitPants #TheBeachBUNS#showmustgoon.”


E! News claims Harrison Ford will not lose his pilot’s license despite a near-crash at John Wayne Airport in Orange County several months ago. His lawyer released a statement saying: “The FAA conducted a full investigation into the matter, including an interview with Mr. Ford, and determined that no administrative or enforcement action was warranted. Mr. Ford retains his pilot’s certificate without restriction. In closing the matter, the agency acknowledged Mr. Ford’s long history of compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations and his cooperative attitude during the investigation.”


Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Fandango that he plans to play the Terminator again. ”I’m looking forward to doing another Terminator movie, yes. I don’t want to call it, like, fake news, like the president calls it, but I think people just write things — I have no idea why. Just because Paramount doesn’t want to pick up the Terminator franchise, you have 15 other studios willing to do it — that doesn’t mean the Terminator franchise is finished, right? It just means they are on their way to negotiate with another studio, but I can’t give you the details of that. They’ll announce that. But, yes, the Terminator franchise is never finished. And remember that after 2018, James Cameron is getting it back, and then it will continue on!”


The NY Post claims Hugh Jackman will not ride a real elephant in his new movie The Greatest Showman. The film is about circus star PT Barnum. Filmmakers won’t be using a real elephant because the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus stopped using them last year. A CGI elephant will be used instead.

The Daily Mail claims former Apprentice star, and current Donald Trump advisor, Omarosa has postponed her wedding because of death threats. A source tells the paper: ”She is really concerned about her safety. There have been calls, emails and social media messages from people threatening to do harm to her and she feared that she wouldn’t be protected adequately at his church in Jacksonville. So she pushed the date back and made the change.”