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Tuesday’s Dirt


Naughty Gossip claims Mama June is interested in doing a dating show. A source tells the site: “After the HUGE ratings for her weight loss show she is getting lots of offers to return to TV again. She doesn’t want to do another reality show, but is interested in doing a dating show where she finds love. She has already met with the WETV folks and they have told her she is such a ratings machine that they will buy any show she wants to do. Get ready for a new dating show by the end of the year. It will be a red-neck version of ‘The Bachelorette’.”

Naughty Gossip claims Alex Rodriguez asked Jennifer Lopez to remove a selfie she posted of them. A source tells the site: “He went crazy when he saw it. He keeps his personal life private and thought she did too. His friends have been telling him that it is just a PR Stunt for her and she is using him to get press. But he didn’t want to believe it – until now. He is already getting cold feet. He wants to know how the relationship leaked out in the first place. He remembers what she did to Ben and all the press that couple got. He will not allow that to happen to him. Jen needs to be very careful.”

Naughty Gossip claims Angelina Jolie is getting some of her tattoos removed. A source tells the site: “Angie has over 15 tattoos. She started when she was a teenager. But now she wants her BRAD tats removed or she plans to get new ones over them so you cannot see them anymore. She is literally erasing her past. She wants all memories of Brad off her body and out of her life.”

Snooki tells People magazine that her children are enthralled with her stretch marks. “This morning my kids asked why I have lines on my stomach. I had to explain to them that it’s my tiger stripes I gained when I became their mommy. They thought it was so cool and can’t believe how they fit in my belly.”

The NY Daily News claims Laurence Fishburne’s daughter Montana was charged with a DUI on Saturday after rear-ending a car near her home in Fort Lauderdale.

A State Trooper wrote: “I noticed an open bottle of wine on the…floor, and the two front seats were splashed with a purple liquid with a strong odor of alcohol. Subject was moving around constantly and was making incoherent statements such as her driver’s license being different if I was to arrest her.” Montana blew a .177

Entertainment Tonight claims CBS is doing a Big Bang Theory spin-off that will chronicle young Sheldon Cooper’s life. ”Young Sheldon” will debut later this year. Sheldon will be 9 years-old in the series

EZEKIEL ELLIOTT of the Dallas Cowboys could be punished by the NFL for pulling a woman’s shirt down and exposing one of her breasts during a St. Patrick’s Day parade.  Zeke’s rep says the woman didn’t mind, but that doesn’t mean the NFL won’t take action.

Perez Hilton, citing the Daily Mail, claims an adult film featuring Mischa Barton is being shopped. The seller wants $500,000. No word on if the tape is real

HANSON is preparing for a 25th anniversary tour, which should really make you feel old.  Technically, it’s been 20 years since “MMMBop”, but they’ve actually been performing together for 25 years.  (Full Story)

 NICKELBACK’S fifth album “All the Right Reasons” has been certified ‘Diamond,’ which means it’s passed 10 MILLION in album sales and streams in the U.S.