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Tuesdays Dirt


Word has it that the Best Picture envelope fiasco at the Oscars might have happened because the guy in charge of them was too busy Tweeting.  He has admitted that he gave WARREN BEATTY and FAYE DUNAWAY the wrong envelope, but he didn’t comment on the Twitter part.


Jimmy Kimmel had to scrap his final Oscars joke of the evening because Warren Beatty announced the wrong winner for Best Picture. An insider tells the magazine that Jimmy was seated next to Matt Damon and was ready to deliver his joke when Warren messed up. “Jimmy had to go in and save everything at the end. If you look at the picture where everybody saw the wrong tape, you’ll see Jimmy Kimmel next to Matt Damon.


The Oscars also botched the “In Memoriam” segment . . . by featuring a photo of a person who’s STILL ALIVE.  She’s an Australian producer, and she says she’s “alive and well.”  They also snubbed some dead people, including Garry Shandling, Robert Vaughn, and Doris Roberts.


Justin Timberlake could be a candidate to host next year’s Academy Awards. A source tells the site: “The Academy loved Justin’s opening. It felt fresh and fun and got everyone in a great mood. They also now that he is a great host from his work on Saturday Night Live, and they are considering having him [host] if Jimmy [Kimmel] doesn’t want to come back.”


BOB HARPER, one of the trainers on “The Biggest Loser”, had a heart attack a few weeks ago while he was working out.  He’s only 51 and in great shape, but he says genetics are working against him, because his mother died of a heart attack.


Danielle Bregoli — aka the “Cash Me Ousside” girl — is coming to Hollywood Wednesday to meet with reality show producers … TMZ has learned. Danielle’s managers tell us they’ve been contacted by 7 production companies and are scheduling meetings for this week. We’re told 4 of the companies are interested in doing a reality show with Danielle and her mom. And, we’re told, she’ll likely move to Hollywood for a reality show, because the managers and Danielle’s mom think she gets in too much trouble when she’s in Florida.


CHARO, NFL running back RASHAD JENNINGS, and HEATHER MORRIS from “Glee” are reportedly doing “Dancing with the Stars”.  But pro dancer CHERYL BURKE is sitting out this season.  The cast will be officially announced tomorrow on “GMA”.  (Full Story)

ALEX PALL of the CHAINSMOKERS posted a message after a fan died of cancer.  He said, quote, “Today just think about how much better it is to go that little bit extra and do something positive . . . and really value each minute you have with the ones you love.”  


Rosie O’Donnell and others plan to protest outside of the White House today. Rosie wants Donald Trump to know that his policies do not represent the values of the American people


Hugh Jackman says he will not be making any more Wolverine movies. Contact Music quotes him as saying: ”I love Wolverine. I will not miss it, for it will always be inside me. ‘It was very emotional to make this movie. I always felt that there was a deeper story about this character. ‘I’m very proud of the movies of the past, but I felt I had something more. Like a man. He did not want to be just the tough Wolverine, but the difficult Logan. ‘I cried a few times on the set. I hope fans will say: finally, this is the Wolverine movie I wanted to see.”
“Logan” is in theaters Thursday