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Tuesday’s Dirt 10/17/17


TMZ claims Gerard Butler was recently riding his motorcycle when he was run off the road by a car. He crashed before someone called 911. Medics took Butler to a nearby hospital where he was treated for cuts and bruises before being released.

The International Business Times claims Jennifer Lopez’s concert to benefit the victims of hurricanes in Puerto Rico and Florida raised $30 million this past weekend. Demi Lovato, Maroon 5, Gwen Stefani, Ricky Martin, Ellen, Selena Gomez, Alex Rodriguez and Marc Anthony all appeared.

Naughty Gossip claims Kylie Jenner is allegedly worried about what her baby is going to look like. A source tells the site; “Kylie is terrified that her baby will look like what she once looked like. Although Kylie has only admitted to plumping up her pout, she looks very different. Every mom secretly wants their kid to look like them especially if they are having a girl, but the question is will Kylie’s daughter look like the old Kylie or the new one?”

Naughty Gossip claims Ellen DeGeneres refuses to have her ex, Anne Heche, on her show. A source tells the site; “Ellen refuses to have Anne on her show. It is Ellen’s show and she has 100% control over who gets booked on the show and who doesn’t. Some hosts leave the celebrity guests to bookers but Ellen overseas everything. She understands the power of her show and knows that making an appearance on her show can change someone’s life. This is why she only wants to talk to people that she finds genuine and people that make a positive difference to the world. Anne is NOT one of those people.”

Kristen Bell tells Reddit that she has thought about hosting a late night talk show. ”I’ve thought about a show…but Jimmy (Kimmel) is a good friend and I see how its ALOT more work than many think it is. So I’m not quite ready for that yet.”

Female First, citing The Sun, claims Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris may perform with the rest of the Jackson 5. A source tells the site; “Paris is great, she’s very talented. She loves playing guitar. She’s singing quite a bit now and she’s great. I’ve been coaching her on her music, a few chords here and there. She should do a collaboration with us. Anything is possible, but she’s a talented young girl. All we have to do is set it up.”

The NY Post claims Cher is going to sing in ”Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again.”

– The NY Post claims NBC is rebooting the Nancy Drew TV series. CBS cancelled it last year. The show is about a teenage detective

– TMZ claims Conor McGregor baptized his son Connor Jr over the weekend before fire dancers, fireworks and a loud party ensued to celebrate the christening.

– The Impulsive Buy website claims Cinnamon Vanilla Lucky Charms have hit store shelves. They are available for a limited time

– NJArts.Net claims Jon Bon Jovi finally joined Twitter yesterday with a tweet that read: “Jon Bon Jovi || Singer || Songwriter || Last guy to use social media. Hello world. Is this thing on? #BetterLateThanNever“.

Starbucks Zombie Frappe: Eater.com claims Starbucks may secretly be developing a zombie-themed Frappuccino for Halloween. Sources say the drink will contain a creme Frappuccino base, green caramel apple powder, pink powder, whipped cream and a pink mocha drizzle. The zombie Frappe is expected to be available to the public beginning on October 26th.

** UPDATE **

Business Insider claims Starbucks baristas are not looking forward to making the Zombie Frappuccino. They react …

The Zombie Frappuccino will simply be the end of me. #baristaproblems

We are getting a new Halloween frappuccino at work #zombiefrappuccino and I’m scared because it’s colorful like the #unicornfrappuccino

PLEASE do not make me make u a zombie frappuccino pink mocha drizzle isn’t even a thing

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