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Thursday’s Dirt


Yahoo claims Alec Baldwin slams Harrison Ford in his new book ”Nevertheless”. He is quoted as saying: “Ford, in person, is a little man, short, scrawny and wiry, whose soft voice sounds as if it’s coming from behind a door.”

US Weekly claims Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are talking marriage. A source tells the magazine: “They’ve been talking about the future and, of course marriage has come up. They aren’t making wedding plans, but they have been talking about their lives. She hasn’t felt this way about anyone in a long time and they are very excited for her. Their families love them together. It’s a perfect match.”


A medical center in the Philippines is using a picture of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine to advertise their circumcision packages. The bottom of their billboards read: “Cheap, doctor, hospital… this is where you get painless circumcision!”


The billboards show Hugh crossing up his bladed hands.


Barry Manilow came out yesterday to People magazine and announced that he had married his manager Gary Keif. “I thought I would be disappointing them if they knew I was gay. So I never did anything. This is my life, we’ve been together for all these years. Everybody knows that we’re a team. Everybody that I know knows. So it never really dawned on me to say anything about it. I mean, I’m a very private guy.”


Barry tells Entertainment Tonight: “I have not read one negative response. To me it is so moving, it is so deep for me, that these strangers were so happy that I was happy, that I wasn’t alone.”


Female First, citing US Weekly, claims David Schwimmer and his wife Zoe have split up. They released a statement saying: “It is with great love, respect and friendship that we have decided to take some time apart while we determine the future of our relationship. Our priority is, of course, our daughter’s happiness and well being during this challenging time, and so we ask for your support and respect for our privacy as we continue to raise her together and navigate this new chapter for our family.”


The Huffington Post claims Scottsdale, Arizona teenager Jacob Stoudenmire recently asked Emma Stone to his prom by recreating a song-and-dance scene from LaLa Land. His friends appeared in the video as extras.


Jacob tells USA Today: ”It started with the kind of crazy idea of saying, ‘Yeah, maybe I’ll go with Emma Stone to the prom’. I decided if I was going to do this, I really needed to do it big.”


Fortune Magazine claims Martha Stewart is launching her own line of wines through the Martha Stewart Wine Company. She is offering monthly and year-long subscriptions. The wines are coming from Spain, California, Italy and France. Six bottles of wine sell for $59.99.


(NEW) New Movies Opening Tonight


Smurfs: The Lost Village (Rated PG) Starring: Demi Lovato (Smurfette), Mandy Patinkin (Papa Smurf), Joe Manganiello (Hefty Smurf), Jack McBrayer (Clumsy Smurf), Danny Pudi (Brainy Smurf) and Rainn Wilson (Gargamel) … Gargamel is trying capture The Smurfs so he can become the most powerful wizard in the world.
Going In Style (Rated R) Starring: Morgan Freeman (Willie), Michael Caine (Joe) , Alan Arkin (Albert), and Ann-Margret (Annie) … After finding out the company they worked for will no longer honor their pensions, Willie, Joe and Albert decide to get their money back by robbing a bank.