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Taylor Swift’s friends gush about new “Delicate” video


Mert & MarcusOf course, Swifties worldwide are freaking out about Taylor Swift’s humorous video for “Delicate,” which debuted last night.  But some of her BFFs took to social media to comment about how much they like the clip as well.

In the clip, Taylor receives a note which magically renders her temporarily invisible. That allows her to unleash her true self without being hounded by the media. She celebrates by dancing goofily through a hotel and into a street in the rain.

“It’s an amazing video- a pure artistic statement about constant scrutiny and the complexity of navigating public life,” writes Taylor’s bestie Lena Dunham. “I’m so proud of her.”  Lena’s ex-boyfriend Jack Antonoff co-wrote and produced many tracks on Taylor’s Reputation album, but not “Delicate.”

Taylor’s friend Gigi Hadid took to Twitter to write, “Liberating to watch and perfectly symbolic of the last year…Made my heart happy :).”

Joseph Kahn, Taylor’s longtime video director, who also helmed “Delicate,” wrote, “The joy of Taylor dancing in the rain is real. In the freezing cold, she loved doing that.”

Then, in response to fans who complained that Kahn’s previous video for Taylor, “…Ready for It?,” was too “futuristic,” he wrote, “I apologize for the lack of robots. I hope you liked it anyway.”

And Taylor’s friend, country star Kelsea Ballerini, tweeted, “This is my favorite version of you I am obsessed with this.”

By the way, fans have also noted that when Taylor’s dancing in the street, one of the signs on the stores on the street reads “Joe’s Deli.” They’ve surmised that it’s a reference to Taylor’s boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, as well as the title of the song.

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