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Taylor Swift trial: Ex-bodyguard says “I thought it was a violation of her body”


iStock/ThinkStockDay five of the Mueller vs. Swift trial saw the singer’s former bodyguard, Greg Dent, take the stand and testify that he personally witnessed deejay David Mueller grope Taylor Swift during a photo op at a 2013 backstage meet-and-greet.

“When he went to put his arm around her, he went under her skirt. She jumped and moved closer to [Mueller’s then-girlfriend],” Dent told Mueller’s attorney. “I thought it was a violation of her body.”

Mueller is suing Taylor, saying her claim that he groped her is false and caused him to be fired.  Taylor is counter-suing, claiming assault and battery for “offensive and harmful physical contact.

Dent said he didn’t do anything at the time because he was taking his cues from Taylor, and she continued to take photographs with fans, but “seemed a little different.”   After the meet-and-greet was over, Dent says, Taylor told the other members of her team what happened.

Two security guards then went looking for Mueller, whom they found at the bar, said Dent, who’d previously testified that he believed Mueller had been drinking.

When Mueller’s attorney asked Dent if he actually saw Mueller’s hand on Taylor’s butt, he replied, “I did not see his hand touch her physically. I saw his hand under her skirt. She reacted, pushed her skirt down and moved over closer to the woman. So in my opinion I knew he touched her.”

Dent, who no longer works for Taylor, said that after the incident, they changed the rules at meet-and-greets, telling “guys to keep their hands up high.”

Shannon Melcher, Mueller’s then-girlfriend, who posed for the photo that allegedly shows the grope, then testified that she and Mueller weren’t drinking before the event, and that she was unaware of any inappropriate touching during the photo.

A few of Mueller’s colleagues were also called to testify today, and now his legal team just rested their case.

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