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Taylor Swift reveals which squad member she goes to for advice


Larry Busacca/LP5/Getty Images for TASTaylor Swift‘s girl squad is packed with A-list females who all understand what it’s like to be young, gorgeous, famous and rich.  But when Taylor needs advice, she says there’s one particular squad member she turns to all the time.

Writing in an email to Harper’s Bazaar, which features her friend Gigi Hadid on the cover, Taylor says, “As a friend, Gigi is one of the first people I go to for advice. She has this incredible ability to see all sides of a situation and simplify it for you, to see the complexity of people.”

Taylor adds, “Gigi’s #1 rule is to treat people the way she’d want to be treated, so she’s on time [or early] to work, says hello to everyone on set, asks them how they are, and actually listens to their response. She is an innately kind and inclusive person who has managed to become a huge power player and businesswoman without ever compromising that.”

By the way, Gigi used to date Taylor’s ex, Joe Jonas.  Now she’s dating Zayn Malik, the former One Direction bandmate of one of Taylor’s other exes, Harry Styles.

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