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Taylor Swift: “Gotta go vote today…it feels so wonderful”


Getty Images For dcp via ABC/Emma McIntyre/AMA2018Ever since Taylor Swift decided to break her self-imposed political silence to endorse Democratic candidates in Tennessee, she’s become something of a poster girl for celebrities who want to encourage their fans to vote. Today, Election Day, she took to her Instagram Story to post a series of videos underscoring her message.

“So what is today? Tuesday…what was it that everyone was supposed to do today…what was it?” Taylor muses. “Oh yeah! Gotta go vote today.”

“I’m seeing a lot of underestimation of young voters and this new generation who now have the right to vote just in the last couple of years,” she continues. “But these are people who grew up post-9/11, they grew up with school shooting drills at their schools. These are people who want to vote.”

She then tells her fans, “It’s not enough to just want change. It’s not enough to just want to vote. You have go and make change by voting and today is your opportunity to do that. I promise you it feels so wonderful to exercise that right that you have.”

Taylor then asked fans to take photos of themselves after casting their votes, tag her in the photos and add the hashtag #JustVoted.”

“I’ll be looking for you!” she concludes. “Happy voting, you guys!”

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