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Slow down, Superman: Halsey talks tour, platinum album and her crazy schedule


ABC/Paula LoboThis week, Halsey starts a Latin American tour with opening act Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony.  Halsey says she wanted to bring her pal Lauren along as a special treat for her fans there.

“They love [Lauren] in Latin America, as they should, ’cause she’s brilliant,” Halsey tells ABC Radio. “And I was thinking, ‘What can I do to make it really special for them?’…I called her and was like, ‘Would you do this tour?…I really think this could be a fun experience.'”

Lauren said yes, even though at the time, she didn’t have any solo music to speak of.  Halsey laughs, “I think it kinda kicked her butt a little bit into being like, ‘Alright, I gotta get these songs together and get things going!'”

The Latin American shows are part of Halsey’s final round of dates in support of hopeless fountain kingdom, which just went platinum — an honor she describes as “humbling.”

“Your second album is a really terrifying thing, because on the first album, everybody’s kinda checking you out…it’s kind of their incentive to buy the record and listen,” she says. “On the second album, everyone already knows about you, so the people buying it are people who actually care.” 

Saturday, Halsey performed at the Governors Ball festival, where things went better than they did the previous weekend at the BottleRock Napa festival — there, she had an asthma attack onstage.  Halsey says the attack was a sign that her schedule’s taking a toll on her body.

“It’s double difficult because I date an artist,” she says, referring to her boyfriend G-Eazy. “So…my time off is not time off — it’s flying to go…travel with him!”

“So, I think that was a little wake-up call…like, “Slow down, Superman!  You can’t do it all!” 

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