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Report: Britney Spears returning to Vegas in 2019, but at a different venue


Denise TruscelloBritney Spears closed out her residency at Planet Hollywood’s Axis theater on New Year’s Eve in grand style:  Not only did she set a box office record for the venue, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal, but she also set the record for the highest gross from a single show at a Vegas theater residency. 

Is it any wonder she’d want to come back for more?

US Weekly reports that Britney has signed a new deal to return to Las Vegas, but this time at the Park Theater at the Monte Carlo resort.  It’s the same place where Lady Gaga will stage her residency in December, and where Bruno Mars, Ricky Martin and Cher all rotate as headliners.

According to the magazine, the new gig will start in 2019. Says a source, “They made the offer and she just couldn’t refuse. She loves Vegas!”

Not only that, but staying in one place makes it easier for Britney to spend more time with her sons, 12-year-old Preston and 11-year-old Jaden.  Dishes a source, “The schedule was perfect for her and her kids, so why not continue?”

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