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Post Malone introduces Jimmy Fallon to the Olive Garden on ‘The Tonight Show’


NBC/Andrew LipovskyPost Malone is a big fan of the Olive Garden, and celebrates all of his milestones there. So when Post heard that Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon had never been, he took Jimmy to dinner at the restaurant chain’s Times Square location.

The segment, taped after Malone’s Tonight Show appearance a week ago, began with the two arriving in the Dallas rapper’s pink limo, and Malone showing Fallon how to enjoy Olive Garden’s unlimited breadsticks “Post Malone style.”

After asking the waitress for “a s******* of butter, Malone instructed Fallon to “take about two milimeters of butter, just put it on.” Fallon’s reaction: “The contrast — it’s garlicy, it’s salty, it’s buttery, it’s hot and it’s cold.”

Next came the salad, which to Jimmy’s amazement was also free. When the waitress offered some parmigiano cheese to go on top, Malone declined, ordering “a laundry basket of croutons” instead. The next scene showed Fallon literally bringing out a huge basket of croutons and placing them on the table in front of Post.

For the entree, Post ordered “two chicken parmigianas, extra crispy,” then told Fallon to opt for rigatoni over penne pasta, warning the penne was gluten free.

Finally came the desert, which was on Jimmy, who surprised Malone with a birthday cake and had the entire restaurant sing “Happy Birthday” — even though Post’s birthday is nine months away.

Afterwards, Fallon — to whom Olive Garden had awarded the rights to its slogan “When you’re here, you’re family” after they had retired it from their commercials — signed them over to Post.

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