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No plans yet, but Meghan Trainor says her wedding is “in the schedule”


Brian Bowen Smith/PRNewsfoto/ASCAP

Meghan Trainor and her fiance Daryl Sabara got engaged in December, but the couple hasn’t started planning their wedding yet..because she’s just a little busy.

As People magazine notes, Meghan is gearing up to release her third album, followed by a world tour.  But she tells People that she’s in no hurry to tie the knot, and besides, she knows that it’ll eventually happen.

“I’m enjoying being engaged so much. And my manager said, ‘It’s in the schedule!’ So a wedding is in the schedule, I guess!” she tells People.

Meghan is particularly excited to release her new album because Daryl, formerly of Spy Kids fame, is actually featured on it.

“He’s singing on every song. He was with me every day in the studio, just loving on me and being so cute,” she tells People. “I had to slow down on the love songs because it was just easy for me.”

She laughs, “I’m so in love [that] my dad started yelling at me, like, ‘There’s too many love songs! The album’s not about Daryl!’ I was like, ‘But I’m happy and in a really good place now!'”

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