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Lips & snakes: Taylor Swift’s video director weighs in


BMLGFans have been busily dissecting Taylor Swift’s new video for “End Game” ever since it arrived at midnight.   The video’s director, Joseph Kahn, has been busy too…retweeting fan theories and offering one of his own.

First, Kahn seems to confirm that the snake imagery in the video is no accident by retweeting a number of posts referring to them.  In case you missed it, at one point, Taylor’s playing a video game on her phone called “End Game,” and a green snake is displayed on screen.  In another shot, a drink has a snake-shaped green straw.  And in the scene where she’s riding a motorcycle, she’s dressed in a head-to-toe snakeskin bodysuit.

He also retweeted a fan who made a list of things that were “reinforced” by the video, one of which was “No music video this era is going to feature a love interest.”  Neither the clip for “Look What You Made Me Do” nor the one for “…Ready for It?” — both directed by Kahn — featured a male co-star.

And Kahn himself weighed in with this observation about the clip:  When Taylor sings the line “Here’s the truth from my red lips” in the video, she’s not wearing her usual bright red lipstick.  

He writes, “When Taylor sings ‘truth from my Red lips’ her lips are nude because I think it means her lips that sang the Red album.”

Swifties promptly congratulated him for being as big a fan as they are.  “You’re fitting in with us very well,” wrote one.  Another noted, “This guy directed the #EndGameMusicVideo but still looks for Easter eggs.”

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