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Justin Timberlake co-signs “Apollo,” debut EP from his opening act The Shadowboxers


Courtesy The Shadowboxers

Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods tour features his protegés, The Shadowboxers, as the opening act.  Far from being a hands-off mentor, Justin also oversaw nearly every aspect of the trio’s new six-song EP, Apollo.

“We would write every single day in our studio in Nashville,” group member Adam Hoffman tells ABC Radio. “We would send [Justin] the song. He’d send back feedback. And 150 songs later, we had distilled it down to these six.”

“He was there for the entire recording process in New York City this summer,” Adam adds. “Every day in the studio with us, helping us hone these songs and really take them to be exactly how we wanted them to be.”

The result is a mix of R&B and pop with tight harmonies, similar to Justin’s own early work.  But musical inspiration isn’t the only thing The Shadowboxers took from their mentor.

“I think what we learned from Justin is, you have to believe in what you’re doing…and if you believe it and it’s from the heart, then other people will believe it too,” explains group member Scott Tyler. “So, I think we got a lot more confidence…about who we are and what we’re trying to do and what we’re trying to say from Justin.”

And that confidence, says Scott, has been “the biggest takeaway.”

He explains, “It’s amazing how much of a difference that will make in a vocal performance…or the way you play a certain guitar part. And the way, therefore, that people react to you at a show and react to the music.”

In between shows on Justin’s Man of the Woods tour, The Shadowboxers are doing headlining club shows, including stops in L.A., Nashville and Miami.   Visit the group’s website for a full itinerary.

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