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How Ed Sheeran knows Taylor Swift’s song “Dress” isn’t about him


ABC/Paula LoboWhen Taylor Swift‘s new album Reputation came out on Friday, Swifties freaked out over the song “Dress”  — they were convinced it was about Taylor wanting to be more than friends with her buddy Ed Sheeran.  But now Ed himself has denied that the song is about him, and says the lyrics prove it.

The reason why Taylor’s fans think “Dress” is about Ed is because one of the lyrics goes, “I don’t want you like a best friend,” and another one goes “There is an indentation in the shape of you/Made your mark on me, a golden tattoo.”  Fans believe “Shape of You” is a reference to Ed’s song of the same name, and also, Ed’s covered in tattoos.

But speaking to Time Out Singapore, Ed says, “I don’t think it is [about me]. If you read into it…it’s not. She mentions someone with a buzz cut haircut and I’ve never had a buzz cut.”

Ed’s right: in the song, Taylor sings, “Flashback, when you met me/your buzz cut and my hair bleached.”

In the same interview, Ed discusses his next album, for which he says he’s got “about nine songs that I really like.”  As for whether or not the album’s title will continue the mathematical theme of his previous albums Plus, Multiply and Divide, Ed says, “It won’t be called Minus, but I’m not done with mathematics yet. I’ve got two more mathematical albums.”

Looks like we should place our bets on either Add or Subtract ..or maybe even Fraction or Square Root.

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