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Vin Diesel tells USA Today that he enjoyed kissing Charlize Theron while filming the Fate of the Furious. “I was definitely not complaining. Gary shot that every which way but loose. … Charlize Theron is not a bad kissing partner to have. There are worse things that can happen to you. Do I know she enjoyed it? Oh, my God, yeah. A kiss cannot lie, lips don’t lie. No, they didn’t. She OWNED it.” The film opens next weekend

US Weekly, citing TMZ, claims Verne ‘Mini-Me’ Troyer has been hospitalized for alcohol addiction. He plans to check into a rehab facility. Troyer told People: “I’ve been hearing from some concerned fans, so I’d like to address a very personal situation. As you know, I’ve battled alcohol addiction in the past and while it’s not always been an easy fight, I’m willing to continue my fight day by day.”

Naughty Gossip claims ABC has allegedly invited Tonya Harding to watch Nancy Kerrigan on Dancing With the Stars. A source tells the site: “In a move right out of Donald Trump’s playbook at the Presidential debates, the show has invited Tonya Harding to sit front row in the ballroom to watch Nancy dance. They hope that the pressure of having Tonya on the set will add to the pressure and drama and ultimately to the ratings.”

TMZ claims Shia LaBeouf got booted from a Studio City, California bowling alley on Wednesday night. He had been drinking and bowling when he got into a verbal altercation with another bowler. The staff booted Shia. He returned because he was still wearing his bowling shoes. Shia called the other bowler a racist.

Radar Online claims Caitlyn Jenner is negotiating to get her own talk show. A source tells the site: “Yes, it will cover LGBT rights, but the program’s biggest focus is going to be politics. Caitlyn’s very nervous as she hates the sound of her voice, but she’s excited about having a platform to air her views. She desperately hopes it will be the success her ex’s wasn’t!”

Nikki Bella tells Fox Sports that she and John Cena had to keep their relationship a secret on TV. “They wouldn’t allow it for so many years. We were told, ‘Not on WWE.’ They could see it on ‘Total Divas,’ ‘Total Bellas,’ but not on WWE. What they realized is that when John was in relationships on-screen, it didn’t do as well when he was just himself. So the fan base didn’t take him in like how that was. So after the last on-screen, they were like, no girls with this guy. And I think with a lot of those guys — like, I don’t think you’ll ever see a girl with Roman [Reigns]. There’s just certain people that it’s just, not that it takes away the ‘Superman’ feel of them, but a little bit.”

Mama June tells People magazine that no one recognizes her since she got gastric bypass surgery. “It’s kind of crazy. A lot of people don’t recognize who I am until I talk. I haven’t been noticed that much in New York, so it’s kind of like I’m in my own disguise. Normally when I walk through the streets, everybody notices me, and now it’s like nobody [does. It’s kind of calm, and [I’m] able to enjoy the city. I can promise you I’m never going back to that size. I’m happy where I’m at.”

Naughty Gossip claims Jennifer Aniston stayed away from Paris Hilton at the premiere of The Leftovers. A source tells the site: “Jennifer wanted nothing to do with. She kept a distance but wasn’t rude. Paris just isn’t her thing. Jen isn’t into reality stars and keeps her circle of friends very small. Paris has NOT been invited into the circle of friends.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Fandango that he is open to playing another villain in a Batman movie. ”I think all of those movies, if they’re written well, they’re entertaining. If it’s Batman or Batman and Robin, or X-Men or Spider-Man—all of them. If they’re written well, they have a great life. People enjoy them, and you can see the grosses that they make worldwide. So, yes, of course I would.” Arnold played Mr. Freeze in a previous Batman film

(NEW) New Movies Opening Tonight

Smurfs: The Lost Village (Rated PG) Starring: Demi Lovato (Smurfette), Mandy Patinkin (Papa Smurf), Joe Manganiello (Hefty Smurf), Jack McBrayer (Clumsy Smurf), Danny Pudi (Brainy Smurf) and Rainn Wilson (Gargamel) … Gargamel is trying capture The Smurfs so he can become the most powerful wizard in the world.
Going In Style (Rated R) Starring: Morgan Freeman (Willie), Michael Caine (Joe) , Alan Arkin (Albert), and Ann-Margret (Annie) … After finding out the company they worked for will no longer honor their pensions, Willie, Joe and Albert decide to get their money back by robbing a bank.