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Father’s Day 2017: ‘N SYNC’s Lance & Joey disagree over when Lance should have kids


ABC/Lou RoccoTwo members of ‘N SYNC are dads — Justin Timberlake and Joey Fatone — while Chris Kirpatrick and his wife are expecting a baby in October.  Lance Bass says he’s interested in having children at some point, but he’s concerned his biological clock is ticking.

“I mean we’ve been talking about it,” Lance tells ABC Radio about the prospect of he and hubby Michael Turchin starting a family. “I hoped one day that we’ll go down that road, time is a-tickin’ for me for sure! But yeah, hopefully one day — that’s why I married Michael.”

When his bandmate Joey Fatone protests that time is, in fact, NOT ticking for Lance, Lance clarifies, “I mean, I don’t wanna be 90 years old going to my kids’ graduation!”

“But you’re not even 40!” Joey reasons. “And there’s people that have kids when they’re, like, 45, so you’re still good, dude.”

As for Joey, he says he’ll spend this Sunday, Father’s Day, with his daughters Brianna and Kloey.  When Lance needles him about what he wants his kids to arrange for him, Joey says, “Just chill. I just like spending time with ’em!”  

“But no — what do you want?” asks Lance. 

“Money,” cracks Joey, before adding, “No, I’ll be happy with dinner and if they make me a card, I’ll be happy. I’m easy.”

You can see both Lance and Joey competing this Sunday night on ABC’s $100,000 Pyramid, and then again, later this month on ABC’s Battle of the Network Stars, which starts June 29.

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