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“Empire” Recap: “Toil and Trouble, Part 1”


FOX/Chuck Hodes(NEW YORK) — Wednesday night’s Empire episode starts with Cookie and her entourage heading into Leviticus Casino in Las Vegas, and ends with the shocking apparent death of a character.  Here’s what happened:

Lucious gets word that Cookie is in the casino and attempts to have her escorted out, but she makes a scene.

We then flash back to two weeks earlier to see Jamal, Cookie and Lucious comforting Hakeem in Empire’s boardroom. Hakeem thinks he sees Bella, but it turns out to be someone else’s child. 

Meanwhile, Guisi tells Lucious that she doesn’t trust Thirsty during a meeting of their own, prompting Lucious to fire him.  

Lucious brings a PR expert to Jamal and Cookie and tells them that When Cookie Met Lucious‘ release should be pushed back. Lucious tells Cookie that she is prohibited from entering Leviticus. 

Cookie invites Thirsty to her home, where she’s rounded up her team, including Andre, to take down Guisi. But her plan quickly unravels. 

Back at Lucious’ estate, Lucious sits down to eat lunch, but soon realizes that his mother put glass in his food. Tariq arrives to his house and Lucious asks him to find Bella. 

Thirsty cooks up a plan with the rest of Cookie’s team to infiltrate Leviticus. Meanwhile, Tariq brings a guy named Sam to Lucious’ office to help him get Bella back.  

Back in Vegas, Cookie’s master plan to cause a diversion in order for Becky to open Guisi’s safe at Leviticus changes course. Instead, Carol is asked to open the safe and she is successful in retrieving Guisi’s documents.

Back at Charlotte’s office, Cookie gives the documents to Charlotte and Lucious arrives with a bag full of cash. Andre comes out of hiding in Charlotte’s office after Lucious and Cookie leave and he and Charlotte kiss. 

Afterwards, Jamal tells Cookie that he will hold off on the release of When Cookie Met Lucious and join Lucious’ show in Vegas. 

Back on the streets of New York City, Tariq calls Lucious to tell him he’s found Bella.

Andre and Cookie plot how to exact more revenge against Charlotte, with Cookie planning to bring one element that Charlotte hates to Leviticus — thugs.

In the final scene, Tariq and Lucious sit down to chat at Lucious’ home, but Lucious’ mother sneaks up on Tariq and stabs him in the neck.

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