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Elle King says new album is “the most magical thing that I’ve done in my life”


ABC/Ida Mae AstuteElle King admits she was in a “really tough place” after her divorce earlier this year, but she had music to get her through it.

The singer tells People that she channeled her heartbreak into her upcoming sophomore album.

“The record is a whole other entity in and of itself,” she tells the mag. “It’s a creation that is beyond me as a person, as a soul and it’s the most magical thing that I’ve done in my life so far, and I’ve never been more proud of anything.”

She adds, “This album is the only thing that really, truly got me through it. And to have such an incredible thing, a tangible thing to hold on to, after going through something, it’s really kind of a blessing — it’s not just a reminder; it’s like a journal but just rock ‘n’ roll.”

In February 2016, Elle announced she was engaged to Andrew “Fergie” Ferguson just weeks after meeting him. But in May of this year, she wrote on Instagram that the two had actually secretly married three weeks after they met but were now divorcing.

She wrote, “My heart is broken. My soul aches. I am lost.”

Now she says she’s pulled herself out of that dark place.

“I took a lot of things out of my life that were dead weight, and I just have a different outlook; I just surround myself with better people and just make music all the time,” she tells People. “It’s just so great; it’s awesome.”

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