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Dua Lipa promises more “surprises” in 2018, reveals which superstar’s part of her pre-show ritual


Markus PritziDua Lipa‘s going to be spending the rest of the year touring behind her debut album, but we may be hearing some new music from her before the end of 2018.

Asked by the website Hypebae what she’s currently working on, Dua reveals, “I have a couple more surprises for this year.”  She didn’t offer any other details, unfortunately.

Dua is also working on a new album for release in 2019.  “I’m excited about that,” she says.  “I feel like I’m a lot more prepared than I was for the first album. I know exactly what I want to write about, I know co-writers that I love working with, and who I want to work it….I feel like for the first time I know what I’m doing.”

Dua also reveals to Hypebae that her pre-show ritual involves blasting the music of another female superstar.

“Me and my band religiously listen to Katy Perry before a show, so that’s a big part of our warmup pre-show,” she says. “Just banging to Katy Perry and dancing around getting really hyped for the show. That’s a big part of it, and other than that I do my vocal warmups, have cups of tea and then go on stage.”

She jokes, “It’s very rock ’n’ roll, as you can tell!”

It’s not surprising that Dua listens to Katy Perry before she goes on, since the two go way back.  Earlier this year, Dua told Katy in an interview for V magazine that when Dua was 15, she went to one of Katy’s shows, and Katy pulled her up onstage so she could dance with her.

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