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Daya’s back with something “New”


Courtesy Interscope RecordsFollowing her Grammy win earlier this year for “Don’t Let Me Down,” Daya has returned with new music — literally. 

The singer, now 18, has released a new single called “New,” as well as an accompanying video.  It’s the first track from Daya since she signed her first major-label record deal this summer with Interscope, home to superstar acts like Lady Gaga, Imagine Dragons, Kendrick Lamar and OneRepublic.

In a statement, the singer says of the track, “‘New’ really is the start of something new. It’s a sharper, more direct perspective coming from me. No more talking in circles around my feelings. It’s honest, it’s raw, and it’s emotionally intense.”

She adds, “I want it to be something people can cry to or scream out or dance sporadically to. Mainly, something that wakes them from a certain numbness and forces them to feel.”

The song finds Daya kicking herself for dumping her boyfriend to take up with another guy.  She sings, “I’m missing you/What the hell did I do/Messing with someone new/Thinking I wanted to/Turns out I don’t want new/I want you.” 

The video cuts between sunny scenes of Daya frolicking with her boyfriend in the desert, and Daya anguished and alone in the same desert at night, regretting her decision.

No word yet on when Daya will release the follow-up to her debut, Sit Still, Look Pretty.

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