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Cheat Codes say Demi Lovato collab “No Promises” is a warning not to “over-think things”


300 EntertainmentDJ collective Cheat Codes teamed with Demi Lovato to score their first big mainstream hit, “No Promises.” The trio says they thought that Demi would be the perfect person to sing on the track, but they never imagined she’d actually do it.

“We had the song for a little while and and we were going back and forth like, ‘Who should sing this? Who would really kill it?'” says Cheat Codes member Trevor Dahl. “And in our minds, we were like, ‘Demi would…kill this more than anybody else.”

“The fact that our label sent it over to her team, and she heard it and liked it, was super-exciting for us,” he adds. “‘We’ve never had a female vocalist on a song. So to go from nobody to Demi Lovato’s like a really big leap!” 

Of course, Trevor says, Demi ended up “nailing” the song. “She’s able to really embody a lot of emotion in the way she sings,” he explains.

As for the song itself, group member Matt Russell says it’s about “when you’re in a relationship…and you form those expectations [of] your partner and sometimes that can ruin the magic.”

“So the song is about just being with each other, and being in the moment, and not thinking too far ahead and not over-thinking things,” he tells ABC Radio. “‘Cause I think us as humans…we tend to over-think things, and that can ruin things.”

Next month, Cheat Codes will be part of the College Weekly Gameday Tour, and Friday, they’ll perform on ABC’s Good Morning America with Demi.

“We’re playing pop, we’re playing hip-hop, we’re playing EDM, we’re playing trap, but we’re mixing it in a way that’s, like, cohesive and is fun for everybody,” Matt says, describing their live show. “It’s really high energy…it’s just a great time.”

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